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1 owner needed for year 20 of Dynasty IDP League (1 Viewer)


Looking for one manager for year 20 of dynasty IDP League

Hello everyone. I am the commissioner of a successful football keeper league which is looking for an ultra active, knowledgeable owner to fill a spots for year 2-! Eighteen years ago this was a two team keeper league where owners inherited 33 man rosters of players comprised on the two teams. For example I was Bal/Atl and I received Vick, Peerless Price, Boller, Jamal and Ray Lewis etc.  I ONLY want EXPERIENCED owners who have played in DYNASTY AND/OR IDP leagues in the past. This league is an extremely high scoring, defensive player league. 9 defenders and 7 offensive players start. Defenders score a bunch of points and the average scores are in the 400s in this league. 16 Team League, 8 teams make the playoffs. Rosters have been permanently trimmed to 30 players. The offseason had a two round rookie draft and a two round FA draft is about to take place. The FA draft people select players not on other team’s rosters. My email is nicholas.verderamo@gmail.com please contact me immediately if you are interested.

Phi/Hou 6-8 (Pick #6, #22)


Jimmy Garoppolo

Matt Ryan


Michael Thomas

Jalen Reagor

Dyami Brown

Sterling Shepard

Devante Parker

Bryan Edwards


Aaron Jones

Mike Davis

Kareem Hunt

Salvon Ahmed

Marlon Mack


Kyle Pitts

Noah Fant

Rob Gronkowski

K Justin Tucker


Joey Bosa

Leonard Williams


Willie Gay Jr.

Jayon Brown

Roquan Smith

Kyzir White

Zach Cunningham

Mack Wilson Sr.


Derwin James

Kevin Byard

Eddie Jackson

Jevon Holland

Marcus Maye


James Bradbery

Darius Slay


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