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1 owner needed in Dynasty / Devy League /2 team Dispersal Draft / 12 additional picks added (1 Viewer)


We have two openings for an 8 year Dynasty / Devy league called Build A Champion 2.  This is a PPR league (see league constitution below for detailed rules and scoring).   We use Victory points / then Total Points Scored, then Overall Winning Percentage to determine standings.  This league allows picks of not only the current crop of NFL rookies, but also up to 15 college players (underclassman) that can be drafted each year.  Keep in mind that if a player is drafted by the NFL in the current NFL draft, they do not count against the 15 devy (underclassman) players  that can be drafted.    We are seeking owners who love a challenge, but we're going to help you out in building your team.  We're adding 12 picks (1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 4.13, 4.14, and 4.15)  in addition to the picks already in the pool (1.03, 1.05, 2.05, 3.03, 3.05, 4.03, 4.05).  We are also offering these two teams free of charge the first year (2018) with payment of the second year (2019).  We want qualified owners who want to stay in the league long term.

The league fees are $100   Of course your fees are free for 2018 with payment of 2019 in advanceWe use LeagueSafe for all funds.  Before joining the league is official you will need to work out payment details for year after next (2019) with the commissioner.  

If interested please send me a PM with your email address here at FBGs and I will forward it to the commissioner.  Once we have two interested owners we will proceed with the dispersal draft after payment for 2019 is received.

Here are the picks and players that will be available during the dispersal draft.  You will also be allowed to draft players that are on the waiver wire during the dispersal draft if you wish.

PICKS Available for Dispersal Draft

QBs available for dispersal draft

Luck, Andrew IND QB 
Flacco, Joe BAL QB
McCown, Josh NYJ QB
Taylor Tyrod BUF QB
Hoyer, Brian NEP QB
Cassel, Matt TEN QB

RBs available for dispersal draft

Mixon, Joe CIN RB
Hunt, Kareem KCC RB
Howard, Jordan CHI RB
Burkhead, Rex NEP RB
Gore, Frank IND RB
Prosise, C.J. SEA RB 
Rawls, Thomas SEA RB
Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB
Charles, Jamaal DEN RB    
West, Terrance BAL RB
Stewart, Jonathan FA RB    

WRs available for dispersal draft

Hill, Tyreek KCC WR
Kupp, Cooper LAR WR
Tate, Golden DET WR
Agholor, Nelson PHI WR    
Fuller, Will HOU WR
Edelman, Julian NEP WR 
Jones, Marvin DET WR
Anderson, Robby NYJ WR    
Godwin, Chris TBB WR
Meredith, Cameron CHI WR
Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR
Decker, Eric TEN WR
Lee, Marqise JAC WR
Kearse, Jermaine NYJ WR    
Matthews, Rishard TEN WR
Stills, Kenny MIA WR
Wright, Kendall CHI WR
Conley, Chris KCC WR 
Taylor, Taywan TEN WR
Williams, Tyrell LAC WR
Gabriel, Taylor ATL WR    
Aiken, Kamar IND WR
Coates, Sammie CLE WR    

TEs available for dispersal draft

Clay, Charles BUF TE
Seferian-Jenkins, Austin NYJ TE
Miller, Zach CHI TE 
DeValve, Seth CLE TE
Rivera, Mychal JAC TE
Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE

DEFs available for dispersal draft

Patriots, New England NEP Def
Texans, Houston HOU Def    
Bears, Chicago CHI Def
Giants, New York NYG - Def

League Scoring




Number of Passing TDs0-106 points eachTest

Passing Yards-50-999.04 points eachTest

Pass Interceptions Thrown0-10-2 points eachTest

Passing 2 Pointers0-102 points eachTest

Number of Rushing TDs0-106 points eachTest

Rushing Yards-50-999.1 points eachTest

Rushing 2 Pointers0-102 points eachTest

Number of Receiving TDs0-106 points eachTest

Receiving Yards-50-999.1 points eachTest

Receptions0-991 point eachTest

Receiving 2 Pointers0-102 points eachTest

Length of Field Goal Made0-393Test

Length of Field Goal Made40-494Test

Length of Field Goal Made50-595Test

Length of Field Goal Made60-996Test

Number of Field Goals Missed0-10-1 point eachTest

Extra Points0-101 point eachTest

Number of Punt Return TDs0-106 points eachTest

Number of Kickoff Return TDs0-106 points eachTest

Fumbles Lost (to Opponent)0-10-1 point eachTest

Number of Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs0-106 points eachTest



Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent)0-102 points eachTest

Forced Fumbles0-101 point eachTest

Interceptions Caught0-102 points eachTest

Blocked Field Goals0-101 point eachTest

Blocked Punts0-101 point eachTest

Blocked Extra Points0-101 point eachTest

Sacked a QB0-251 point eachTest

Safeties0-102 points eachTest

Total Points Allowed0-010Test (Warning!)

Total Points Allowed2-116Test

Total Points Allowed12-223Test

Total Points Allowed23-290Test

Total Points Allowed30-99-2Test

League Constitution


Initial Draft

There will be a 25 round initial draft. Payment is required before we set our draft order. You will be able to choose your draft slot based on the results of an order picked by the MFL draft randomizer. In order to protect the league from owners that draft to win now, trade their picks, and drop out leaving us with a crappy team to sell, a $25 deposit will be required in order to trade draft picks for the following season. Divisions will be randomly selected once the league is full, and after every season. There will be 18 college "developmental players" available for the initial draft. You may draft as many as you'd like (including zero), until the 18th player is off the board. There will be a slow draft with 12 hours per selection. There will be no clock used.

League Definition

1.1 The league will consist of 12 franchises,
1.2 The length of the regular season will be 13 weeks.
1.3 Weekly league games will be played head-to-head against opposing franchises.
1.4 The league will be run on My Fantasy League.com,
1.5 The league will consist of three 4 team divisions. The divisions will be randomly drawn every year after our championship game.
1.6 Each team will play each division foe twice, and 7 teams from the other division.  This will be randomly chosen by MFL.
1.6 The league office will consist of one league commissioner (Jay rob) a co commissioner will be decided at a later date.
1.7 The league commissioner is responsible for conducting league business, arbitrating league disputes, recording all draft information, and compiling the weekly Free Agent pick-up list.
1.8 The co- commissioner is responsible for communicating league concerns and business to the commissioner and intervening in transactions that involve the league commissioner. If the commissioner is out of contact for any length of time, the co- commissioner will attend any matters requiring timely action.
1.9 Major rule changes can only be made through a league-wide vote. Majority is 7 owners.
1.10 The league commissioner will make minor rule changes if necessary.
1.11 League off-season votes require 7 owners to pass.
1.12 There will be no in season votes.
1.13 Owners are encouraged to suggest a change to the rules by posting on the league message board.
1.14 Votes will be conducted by e-mail or on the message board. This allows all votes to be public. Non-returned ballots are not factored into the returns. Off-season votes are due within 7 days and are mandatory for league membership.
1.15 There are certain situations where some leniency is needed or a rule does not address an issue specifically. In these situations, the commissioner will have the final say on the rule or rules in question.

Franchise Ownership

2.1 The cost to own a franchise and participate in the draft is  $100. 100% of fees (minus cost of MFL.com) will be paid out. Payment will be required by April  1 of each year.
2.2 An owner may only own one franchise.
2.3 Owners can name their franchise whatever they choose.
2.4 If an owner chooses to leave the league or is not heard from for two consecutive weeks during the season, a replacement owner will be sought.
2.5 Priority will be given to replacements that current owners know.
2.6 Absent extreme circumstances, such as a medical emergency, no refunds of league fees will be given out. Paying league fees implies a commitment to run the team for the full season.
2.7 New owners will be required to pay in full at the time they take ownership.


3.1 Tanking is a serious threat to the integrity of Fantasy Football. Tanking is the act of submitting a weaker lineup in hopes of improving draft position, or by means of neglecting your team so that you are no longer managing your team. Both negatively effect the league. Blatant tanking will result in a penalty, which can include expulsion from the league. The league commissioner in this instance will make a determination without league vote.

The Initial draft

4.1 The  initial draft will start the Saturday after the NFL draft.
4.2 The draft will last 25 rounds.
4.3 The initial draft will be serpentine.
4.4 Once all teams have made their minimum $25 dollar deposits the league commissioner will use the randomizer to create a randomized order for the choice of draft position. The person with the first draft position will get their choice of where they want to draft. The person with the second choice of position and so forth
4.5 Once all 12 teams have made their draft position choice the commissioner will set the draft order.Each team will have 12 hours to make their draft selection.
4.6 If an owner fails to submit a draft pick within his/her allocated time, that owners pick will be dropped 5 slots. So, 5 picks will be made, then that owner will have another pick. . The owner who missed there is now on the clock again.
4.7If an owner fails to submit a draft pick for a second time, that owner will be replaced, barring extreme circumstances.
4.8 If an owner withdraws from the league during the draft, the draft will stop till a new owner is found and begin when the new owner is selected without penalizing the new team.

4.8 Owners may pick developmental players starting with pick 1.1. To make a developmental pick, pick a player no longer in the league and post the name of the developmental player in the comment box. As developmental picks are made, the commissioner will tally each pick on the message board. Once the league has tallied (picked) 15 developmental players,you can no longer pick and developmental players.

Addendum: 2015  league vote changes the number of college players available each year to 15

The Rookie/Developmental Player/Free Agent draft(starting in 2012 and every year forward)

5.1 The  rookie draft will start the Saturday after the NFL draft. The draft will proceed in reverse order (For all rounds) based on the previous season's finish (total points as tie-breaker). The reverse order for all non playoff teams will be based upon victory point standings. Playoff teams will be seeded according to reverse order of result in the playoffs with the following two exceptions: the League Champion will draft last, (regardless of record) and the  runner-up will draft second to last (regardless of record).
5.2 The draft will last 4 rounds.

5.3 You may draft rookies,college "developmental players" or free agents not on anyone's roster. Please refer to 4.8 for rules on developmental players Once the 15th college player has been drafted, no other developmental players can be selected.
5.4 Trading of draft selections is permitted prior to or during the draft.
5.5 The draft will be conducted on MFL.com.
5.6 Each team will have 12 hours to make their draft selection.
5.7 If an owner fails to submit a draft pick within his/her allocated time, that owners pick will be dropped 5 slots. So, 5 picks will be made, then that owner will have another pick. . The owner who missed there is now on the clock again.
5.8If an owner fails to submit a draft pick for a second time, that owner will be replaced, barring extreme circumstances.
5.9 If an owner withdraws from the league during the draft, the draft will stop till a new owner is found and begin when the new owner is selected without penalizing the new team.

6.1 Each franchise will maintain an in-season active roster with a maximum of 25 players and 2  spots  for inactive players. These spots can only be used  for players put on the IR by their NFL teams or designated on the (PUP) physically unable to perform list.

addendum:This league does NOT follow NFL eligibility rules.  At no time can any professional football player become ineligible for pick up by either waivers or fcfs. College players are added to our pool yearly via the draft, and once in our player pool can be picked up even if dropped by another owner.
6.2 It is the owners’ decision on how many players to carry at each position.
6.3 During the off-season, you may have a roster maximum of 30 players. Once the season ends, players on IR must be placed on the active roster.
6.4  I have set the roster limit to an obscenely high number. This way, if you make a 4 for 1 trade, it will go through. Each team will have until kickoff of the 1st game of the week to get down to 25 players. If a trade is made after the 1st game, you will have to cut down to 25 before kickoff of the next game. So, if there's a Thursday game, and you make a trade on Friday, you have to cut down before Sunday's kickoff. If a deal is made on a Sunday (after kickoff), you will have until kickoff of the next week's games. Any trade made after Sunday's kickoff, you will have until the following week's kickoff to cut down to 25.

However, you can not go over the 25 player limit by picking up free agents. If you pick someone up that puts you over 25, you MUST cut a player. Failure to comply may result in the commissioner cutting a player from your team.

Weekly Line-Ups

7.1 Each franchise may start up to 10 players each week.
7.2 The starting lineup will consist of 1 QB, 1-3 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1-3 TEs, 1 K, 1 Def
7.3 The deadline for naming starters is set by MFL rules, but generally a player is locked approximately 5 minutes before kick-off.
7.4 On Thursday night games, only those players in that night's game must be submitted. The rest of the lineup will not be due until approximately 5 minutes prior to that weekend's first game.
7.5 If no starters are named, the previous week's starters will be used (regardless if the players are active that week or not).


8.1 Trades between teams are unlimited.
8.2 The trading deadline is 9pm on the Tuesday after week 13.
8.3 The weekly deadline for all trades is 30 minutes prior to the first weekend game.
8.4 Trades that involve draft picks are allowed. You may only trade the next year draft picks if you pay a set holding fee. ($25)
8.5 Trading period resumes after a Champion is crowned.

8.6 All trades go through except in cases of collusion. The league commissioner and co commissioner will review all trades and will veto any if it is in the best interest of the league. This will be very rare. The goal is for all trades to be fair and equitable and there to be no involvement.

8.7 the commissioner will reverse trades upon mutual consent of both parties The party contesting the trade has 30 minutes from time of trade acceptance to post on wither the message board or via email to league commissioner a request for reversal. If either party does not concent to the trade being reversed the trade will stay as processed.

victory Point scoring

9.1 League standings will be decided based upon the number of victory points accrued
9.2 victory points are awarded weekly as follows: Win-2 tie-1 loss-0.
9.3 Points will also be awarded based upon points scored per week. Scoring is separated into 3 tiers. The top 4 weekly scorers in tier 1, the middle 4 weekly scorers in tier 2 and the lowest 4 scorers in tier 3
9.4 Awards are: Tier 1 2 points., Tier 2 1 point, and tier 3 0 points. 8.5

9.5 The maximum you can earn in a week is 4 points and the minimum is 0 points between points

9.6 The Victory point standings tie breakers will be total point scored first and then winning percentage second. Playoff seeds will be based upon victory point standings

Free Agency (FA)

10.1 You can submit your BB waiver requests starting Sundays 8pm. We will have several automatic bid processing days during the week. The waivers will process:  Wednesdays 12:15 am (Tuesday night). FCFS will start after waivers run until kickoff of the 1st game of the week. FCFS pick ups will cost $0 . The waiver period will end after the week 16 games, and will resume during the offseason one time per month after season's end.

Addendum off season 2015: Owners can place a bid for $0 during any waivers and will recieve said player if no one else has placed a higher bid.

 During the off season, between the crowning of a fantasy champion and the beggining of the new fantasy season, bids will occur once a week. One can place bids starting on Sunday of a given week. They will be processed on Wednesday 12:15 am (Tuesday night). Bidding will be suspended for the duration of the league's rookie/free agent draft. Rookies who have not been been purchased by a team during the rookie/ free agent draft will be available the week after the rookie draft ends (please refer to the definition of a rookie above).

One week before the rookie draft (which is the week after the NFL draft) we will all get $125 BB bucks. Before that time, if you have no money left, the only way to pick up free agents would be to trade for bucks.

BB Bucks

You can trade BB Bucks. When making an offer, please include and BB Bucks in the comments section. BB Bucks will carryover from season to season.


11.1 The play-offs begin on week fourteen (14) of the NFL season.
11.2 The play-offs conclude on week sixteen (16) with the Super Bowl
11.3 Six teams advance to the post-season. The 3 division winners and 3 wildcard. The wildcard teams can come from the same division and will be seeds 4-6 based upon victory point standings.
11.4 Week 14 will consist of the Wildcard Games: The 2 divisions winners with the best victory point  records receives a bye, seed 3 will play seed 6 and seed 4 will play seed 5.
11.5 Week 15 is the Semi-Finals: seed 1 (The division winner with the best record) vs lowest seed remaining. Seed 2 will play the other team that advanced.
11.6 Week 16 is the Super Bowl:
11.7 The tie-breaking system for play-off qualification and seeding is as follows. Teams will first be sorted within their division by the criteria below and the two division winners with the best records will always be the top 2 seeds.

11.8 For playoff games, each team will designate a player whose points will count only in the event of a tie. If the teams are still tied after the tiebreaker, total bench points will be used to break the tie.

11.9 The six non playoff teams will compete in the consolation bowl. The seventh and eight seeds will receive first round byes. The tournament will be three rounds long played the 3 weeks prior to the last week of the season.


MFL cost is $70  which leaves $1130 for payouts.

1st Place = $425
2nd Place = $300
3rd Place = $120
4th Place = $60
Consolation Bowl = $50
Points Champion (Weeks 1-13) = $100

Points champion runner up= $50

Points 3rd place = $25

fantasy games are final as of the start of the next week's games. Owners are responsible for notifying the commissioner of stat changes should they occur.  The official source of stats for our league is NFL.com

If a kick actually takes place (including a blocked kick) it is a special teams play. Otherwise the team that snaps the ball is the offense for the entire play, and the team that did not snap the ball is the defense for the entire play. Aborted/fake FG/punt attempts are not special teams plays since no kick occurred.

All transactions are final. Any mistakes (accidentally hitting accept on a trade) must be posted on the message board no later than 15 minutes after they occur. Please read all trade offers carefully. Steve Smith of Carolina is not Steve Smith of the Giants. If there is intention to trick your league mates in such situations, reversal of the trade will occur even if the 15 minutes has passed. This is the only exception to the rule!

Loaning of players is NOT allowed

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How devy depleted is the rookie draft? 
Here are some of the players that are available, both underclassman (devy) and current rookie draft.  I thought it would be easier for me to list my list of players that I have for the draft.


J K Dobbins

Jonathan Taylor

Josh Jacobs

Trayveon Williams

Elijah Holyfield

James Williams

Bryce Love

Damien Harris

D'Andre Swift

Myles Gaskins

Stephen Carr

A J Brown

Michael Pittman

Darius Slayton

Dez Fitzpatrick

Tee Higgins

Bryan Edwards 

Jhamon Ausbon

Tarik Black

Joesph Lewis IV

Tyrie Cleveland

Chase Claypool

Trevon Grimes

Jeff Thomas

Kevin Harmon

Henry Ruggs

Josh Rosen

Josh Allen

Lamar Jackson

Sam Darnold

Baker Mayfield

Josh Adams

Kerryon Johnson

Sony Michael

Arkum Wadley

Nyheim Hines

Mark Walton

Kyle Hicks

Lavon Coleman

Justin Crawford

Ty Johnson

John Kelly

Rashaad Penny

Mike Gesicki

Dallas Goedert

Mark Andrews

Hayden Hurst

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One filled, one more to go.  This won't take long fellas, so if you're interested let me know right away.

Wow...even with the extra picks, those are some terrible rosters. Luck is the only top 10 player at any position...and that's debatable! (Maybe Howard too)

Wow...even with the extra picks, those are some terrible rosters. Luck is the only top 10 player at any position...and that's debatable! (Maybe Howard too)
Hunt is pretty good too. I also like Mixon, Tyreek Hill, Kupp, and Fuller.   Thin rosters is the reason for 12 extra picks to go along with the picks they already had.   Definitely buildable for someone that knows what they are doing.

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We just need one more owner and we can begin the dispersal draft process.  The commish has given me temp commish abilities and I will be handling the dispersal draft.  The commish will be handling the fees for 2019 (you get 2018 free).

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If there are any issues I'll reopen this, but as of right now we have the two owners we need.



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