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10:00AM League on Opening Day! (1 Viewer)


If you're thinking about playing in The FBG Players Championship THIS is the league you should be in.

What could be better than drafting on OPENING DAY of The Fantasy Football Season?!

It just happens to be opening day of The NFL Season too!

10:00AM on Thursday September 5th,2013!

Just hours before the Ravens and Broncos kick off. All camps and preseason games will be finished!

Any injuries that are going to happen will have happened, you won't be the team with Maclin and Pitta on your roster!

And as a bonus,if you get in now and fill up the last few spots,you'll know your draft position WEEKS ahead of the Thursday,September 5th 10:00AM draft! You can mock to your heart's content KNOWING your draft spot!

And if that weren't enough,while your still on a high from your high stakes draft,you'll be putting in a starting lineup with players who might be in action just HOURS after you grab them!

If you're going to play,this is where you should be. Thursday,September 5th,2013 at 10:00AM.

See you there! :towelwave: :headbang: :pickle: :clap:


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