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$10 league Dynasty Team (Mahomes / Kelce / Chase / 1.03 / Good IDPs) 14 Teams / Once Filled we Draft (1 Viewer)


Team: https://www45.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=43596&O=07&F=0014

14 team IDP Dynasty
$10 Entry
$140 collected - MFL Costs $70
Championship - $40
2nd - $20
3rd - $10

36 man rosters plus 4 Player Taxi squad and plus 2 IR slots
* Only Rookies and 2nd yr players can be placed in Taxi
* If Rookie is taken out of Taxi; a Player in your starting line up must be dropped
(Unless there was already an Open Spot).

* Only Players on the Real NFL IR can be placed on League IR
* Players placed on NFL Short-Term IR can be placed on League IR for the duration of Short-Term IR (10 Weeks). It is the Owners responsibility to move the Player back to the active roster when they are removed from the NFL IR. If the player isn’t moved back the owner will suffer an invalid line up error.

Weekly Line ups
*Lineups may be submitted or changed up to a player’s game time without penalty.
*A full line up is required every week.
*1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 PK, 2 DL, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, & 1 Flex IDP

If Interested email Kellysmash99@gmail.com
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