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10 Team, DRAFT TONIGHT, 8/14 9PM EST, ESPN, $5 PPR, Extra Flex, Leaguesafe! (1 Viewer)


Let's try to get this going for tonight (Tuesday 8/14)

Only 10 teams to get it filled



Extra FLEX since only 10 teams

League is pubic so you can see all settings before joining

$5 on Leaguseafe, Majority Approval, once we get 10 I will send out Leaguesafe, MUST PAY TWO HOURS BEFORE DRAFT OR I LOOK FOR REPLACEMENTS

6 teams make playoff

Draft Order determined 1 hour before draft

PM me or post your email here for invite. Pretty straight forward league.


payouts: $40 first, $10 second

currently at 6 teams out of 10

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