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10 team ppr short bench management (1 Viewer)


My team is:

QB: Watson

WR: Beckham, Gallup, Diontae, Lamb

RB: Clyde, Drake, Sanders, DJ, Latavius

TE: Ertz

Lutz, Chicago 

We have a 4 spot bench. I had Latavius, Mattison, Diontae and DJ in my bench. I chose to drop Mattison over Latavius to pick up Lamb who was somehow on waivers. Is it even worth it to hold handcuffs? Especially for me personally to have RB handcuffs? Looking to the future Jarwin is available and so is Burrow, just speaking of bye week fillers for Watson and Ertz. Ruggs, John Brown, Moss are other notable FA’s. Just wondering if I’m on the right track here. 



I might grab Moss over Murray just because if Moss goes out week 1 and tears it up you won't be able to get him back cheaply.  You know what Murray is at this point. 


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