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10 Year 20 Team Veterans League looking for RARE replacement (1 Viewer)


Hey All,

The CFL is looking for a motivated, proactive, fantasy guru to replace one of our long time owners who had to vacate after 6 years of service due to financial hardship this past year. To give some background, the CFL is an annual re-draft league that has been in existence for over 10 years now, consisted of 19 other owners that eat, breathe and sleep football. Rarely having turnover, we thrive on competition and only want the best of the best, especially when we have to go through the process of replacing one of our better owners, so novice's need not apply! Upon getting any/all feedback we will interview a handful of prospective replacements and hope to have our new owner in place by no later than the weekend, so as that we can get started on their graphics (helmets, banners, team pages, etc). Each owner in the league uses AIM/AOL so that is a must of our replacement and despite being dated we have used it from the leagues inception and it certainly helps in aiding trade talks (evident in the over 200 total trades a year ago) along with just general football banter. We also are looking for an owner that isn't overstretched time wise, meaning someone that is already enrolled in 4 plus leagues, as we want our new owner to put forth the signifcant time and effort that the leagues requires. Below is a link to the league homepage. Feel free to navigate around to get a grasp on what the CFL has to offer and further details will of course be provided upon request . I can be reached at SFILI4@aol.com or via AIM @ Sfili4. Look forward to finding our next potential league champion and thanks for taking the time to read

(Copy and paste in search bar) http://www32.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/39917

-Dave, Commisioner of CFL since 2004


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