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10 Year Uber Active 20 Team League has RARE opening! (1 Viewer)


Hey All,

The CFL (Championship Fantasy League) is looking for a fantasy football guru
to replace one of our long time owners that fell into some poor luck this past
year. Established 10 years ago, we have seen little turnover throughout the
years, but due to an unfortunate life situation one of our long time guys had to
abandon ship this offseason, and thus an opening has come about. The CFL is a 20
team, annual re-draft league that boasts 19 other fantasy football junkees.
There is alot of communication, tons of trading (over 200 trades last year), and
plenty of enjoyment. Since we rarely have to go through this process, upon
getting feedback/responses we will interview a handful of owners in hopes of
finding the gentleman/lady that fits the mold best for our replacement. Everyone
in the league uses AIM/AOL as that is our universal communication tool (yes I
know its dated but we've used it from the start), so our new addition will be no
exception ot the rule. Also looking to land an owner that isn't overstretched as
far as the amount of leagues they currently participate in so if your in more
than 3 leagues already you need not apply. We put alot of time,effort and focus
into this league so we want to bring someone into the mix that is ready to

reciprocate the same right back. Based on the depth of rosters we also want
to find an owner that eats, breathes and sleeps football, thus not having a fall
off in terms of talent from the guys we already have in the mix. Below is a link
to the site so each potential candidate can navigate around. Make sure to take a
look at the bylaws/league rules to get a firm grasp on things before making the
commitment to join. Upon making a selection I will need our new owner to come up
with a team name and then we will get our graphics team started on making logos,
banners, helmets, etc. Looking forward to hearing back from any/all potential
suitors and hopefully we will be able to find the next member of the CFL family
sooner than later. I can be reached on AIM @ Sfili4 or emailed @ sfili4@aol.com
Thanks for taking the time to read.
http://www32.myfanta...2013/home/39917 - Link To CFL Home Page

-Dave, Commissioner of the CFL

This is probably the coolest looking MFL site I've seen. I don't qualify being in too many leagues but it does look pretty awesome and wanted to give props on the site design.


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