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$100 12 Team PPR ESPN w Leaguesafe needs 2 member (1 Viewer)


$100 buy in league using leaguesafe with payout made with majority approval

1st place $1000

2nd place $200

Draft date is August 18 @ 9am eastern  (snake draft & redraft league)

12 team league on espn

1 point per reception

1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1flex(rb/wr/te) defense/st k 

with 7 bench spots plus 1 IR spot

0.04 point for each yard passing

4 points for passing TD

0.1 point for each yard rushing or receiving 

6 points for rushing or receiving TD

all other scoring is done using espns standard scoring for defense and special teams, kicker, interceptions, and fumbles, etc.

If you want to join leave email or dm email and invite will be sent

If you have questions feel free to dm or leave reply.

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Need 2 more. Will need leaguesafe payment sooner than later since draft starts soon, but be given time to check out league before hand. Also will randomize and set draft order before draft once full.

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