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$100 12 Team PPR Fantrax Dynasty Start Up (2 Years Up Front) (1 Viewer)


First things first, a little about my leagues and myself. I currently run 9 dynasty football leagues, with league styles varying a bit. Those dynasty leagues are generally standard / PPR with 1-2 FLEX slots in addition to the general starters. I will be running a 10th league with increased stakes at $100 per season. My leagues require you to be active, have groupme and be active on there, are run on Fantrax, and have thick skin if need be. My leagues are extremely active, especially when it comes to trading. I have developed a solid group of guys in each one of my leagues. some who have already signed up for the new superflex leagues, therefore, be ready for a competitive and fiery league. I am only looking for dedicated guys and gals who know their football who will only add to the competition. Trading is also allowed and encouraged during the dynasty start up draft.

DRAFT TYPE: Slow Draft with 3rd Round REVERSAL 

Starting positions and scoring will be as follows.

QB / RB / RB / WR / WR / WR / TE/ 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE) / DST 

General Scoring: 

Reception: 1 Point (1.5 for TEs) 

Rushing/Receiving Yards: 0.1 points per rushing/receiving yard

Passing Yards: 0.04 points per passing yard

Passing Touchdown: 4 points

Rushing/Receiving Touchdown: 6 points

Interception: -1 Points

Fumbles Lost: -2 Points

DST: General scoring method


Roster Size: There will be 32 roster slots to begin. Due to the large number, there will be no IR slots. Roster size is always subject to change, usually pending league majority approval. 

Draft Type: Draft Style will be Snake draft, with a 3rd round reversal as this is the fairest way so that everyone's pick is as equal as can be. It will be a SLOW draft through Fantrax, with trading of picks allowed during the draft. However, we DO NOT want people slowing up the draft to garner trade interest. That won't be tolerated. 

Rookie Draft Time: The Rookie Draft will take place generally a couple weeks to up to 2 months after the real life NFL Draft. This simply depends on where the league you are in falls in the pecking order. I run multiple dynasty leagues, so I have to schedule accordingly, but will look to get them done as soon as possible. 

League Dues: We will ALWAYS be paying one year up front. You have from the end of the season up until the rookie draft date to make payment. Those who neglect to make the payment will be replaced. Due Date for payment will be one week prior to our rookie draft. 

Rookie Draft Order: The Rookie Draft Order will be determined, barring any penalization, by lowest total points scored for the 6 teams that miss out on the playoffs. For the 6 that make it to the playoffs, their slots will be determined by a combination of elimination and lowest points scored. For example, the first two eliminations in round 1 of the playoffs will get the #7 and #8 pick of the rookie draft, with the team scoring the least points in the season, getting #7. 

Playoff Format: Top 6 Records will make the postseason, which begins Week 14 and lasts through Week 16. Top 2 seeds will get a BYE week. Points scored serves as any tiebreaker. If a second tiebreaker is needed, it will come down to head-to-head record. If a third tiebreaker is needed, 

Standing Tiebreakers: If two or more teams have the same record, the first tiebreaker will be most point scored in the season. The second tiebreaker will be head-to-head record. The third tiebreaker will be the higher strength of schedule will get the better position. The fourth tiebreaker will be a live coin toss done by yours truly! 

Matchup Tiebreakers: If a regular season matchup score is tied. Each team will indeed receive a tie. However, in the playoffs, if a matchup is miraculously tied, the tiebreaking system will be the exact same as the standings tiebreaker method stated in Rule #6. 

Free Agency: Free agency is a waiver wire rolling system. Free agency will be frozen at the end of Week 16 up until the end of our Rookie Draft. At the end of the rookie draft, all players undrafted will go on waivers. 

Trade Deadline: Trade deadline will be 11:59 PM EST on the Thursday of prior to Week 12. Trading will re-open once Fantrax re-opens the following season, which doesn't take more than a few weeks after the superbowl. You may not trade the following year's draft choices until you have paid the fee for the season. Example: Once the 2018 season has concluded. 2019 picks can be dealt at your leisure, but 2019 picks won't be allowed to be dealt until you have paid the league fee for the new season, which is due regardless one week before the rookie draft. PLEASE be vigilant in the trades you make. This is your team for many years to come. 

Vetoing: Intentional vetoing is not allowed. It is each owner's responsibility to review trades when they have been accepted. A trade would have to be extremely lopsided to warrant 6 vetoes from 10 allowed voters.

Payouts: 1st place: $800 2nd place: $300 3rd Place: $100 (Subject to change)

TANKING RULE: There will be no tanking. Setting lineups weekly is MANDATORY. If you are unable to take five minutes a week and set the best possible lineup, then this league isn't for you. Failing to set your lineup or weaseling around and trying to start lesser players will result in a lower draft pick as penalty and/or eventual removal from the league. See Rule #5 for further clarification.

SETTING YOUR LINEUP WEEKLY: There are those that will try to get smart and claim "Player A" was a logical/better start than "Player B" when it obviously was not. To protect the league from this, if a situation like this arises, there will be no arguing. I will simply leave it up to the league via a majority rules poll to decide if you should get a strike or not. I have listed a few examples of what won't be tolerated below. 

Players on a bye week CAN NOT be in your starting lineup for any reason throughout the season.

Players that have a status of "OUT" , "DOUBTFUL" , "INJURED RESERVE" CAN NOT be in your starting lineup for any reason throughout the season. 

I do understand there are sometimes situation that you may need to roll the dice with a questionable player, especially when that player has a late start. Generally, reports come out on the status of most players, but there are a couple instances each year where it does come down to the wire, or there is a surprise inactive. That will all be taken into conisderation, especially given the fact that most people are generally very busy on Sundays. I don't want to make this league your life, I just want to keep a fair and balanced playing field.      

Strike One: Your draft slot will be lowered by 1 spot.                                                                    

Strike Two: Your draft slot will be lowered by 2 spots.                                                                  

Strike Three: You will be removed from the league. 

Due to the fact that even one strike offers harsh punishment, strikes will reset at the end of each season. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you never get on this list. I am a reasonable comissioner, if a situation arises, once again, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Final Words: This will always be a democracy, but keep in mind, I will take matters into my own hands if need be. I hope I have proven myself to everyone by now that I always act in the best interest of the league. I want to wish everyone good luck each and every season and hope you have a great time in my leagues. As always, I encourage activity on our GroupMe. I would like to see people check in throughout the season and even in the offseason from time to time. It's never too early (or late) to improve your team! Feel free to always announce players you are shopping, suggestions, or practically anything on there. The commissioner reserves the right to make changes to these rules, but only during the offseason and after discussion with league members. 




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