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$100 12 Team Yahoo Auction LeagueSafe 100% Payout (1 SPOT LEFT) (1 Viewer)


Hey All,

Are you sick of having a great team only to find you run into a hot team most weeks?
Does your team "look great on paper"?
Do you hate getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round because of a rare off week?

I've created a 12 team Yahoo Points league. I have 1 SPOT LEFT

No Playoffs. No Divisions. No H2H. $100 entry. Auction style. Top 3 cumulative point totals for weeks 1-16 (Excluding week 17) walk away with cash.

AUCTION is scheduled for Tuesday the 27th and 8PM EST

We have a good core and competitive league. We just need a few more quality owners.

If this kind of league interests you, email me@: alsorr10@yahoo dot com

Some details
Money collected and distributed by LeagueSafe.

Payouts as follows:
1st 800
2nd 300
3rd 100

Rosters are as follows:

QB, 3xWR, 2xRB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF

The scoring is pretty standard with .5 PPR, Fractional points, Negative points and 6 pts for a passing TD.

If you're interested or have questions email me: alsorr10@yahoo dot com


we need 1 replacement owner! 1 spot just opened up! Email me ASAP if interested.

Everyone else has already paid so be able to pay upon joining


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