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$100 16-team PPR Auction League Redraft Looking For Owners! ( (1 Viewer)


$100 16-team PPR Auction League Redraft Looking For Owners! (LeagueSafe)

Draft: 8:00 PM Sunday, August 11th, 2013

The draft is not until August but I'm trying to get it filled up now. The money will be held with majority approval on LeagueSafe.

Starting Lineup:
Flex (WR/RB/TE)
6 bench

Scoring settings:

ESPN league ID 80583

I have been commissioner of previous leagues but am starting this one from scratch. I would like to try this format because it allows players to compete with either one great QB, one great RB, or a couple of very good WRs. When I model out projections according to last year's stats the results are fairly uniform across 16-teams using PPR. Also, anyone can get the player they really want since it is an Auction draft.

Playoff Format:

8 teams make the playoffs!
Regular season is weeks 1-13
+10 home point advantage for each team.
... with an 8-team single elimination tournament starting in week 14.

Do you ever get annoyed by cruising through a fantasy season then losing one game and missing out on the championship? It's happened to everyone! I believe the better regular season players should get some sort of advantage, so there will be a +12 point home point advantage for every game in the playoffs. This is roughly equivalent to having an extra kicker position each game. The higher seeded team during each match gets the bonus. The bonus also compensates for the bye-system many players enjoy. The top teams get a bonus and will be playing the worst teams, so this is very close to having a bye. I like the idea of a large playoff, though.

1st - $700
2nd - $400
3rd - $250
4th - $150
Regular season points winner - $100

Please email me with any questions or view the League Settings link above.

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