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$100 19 team Guillotine League (1 Viewer)


League Commissioner Mike Patrick - Mjpatr01@gmail.com

League will be run on Fantrax, and all money collected on Fantrax using the Fantrax Treasurer.

$100 entry fee (Due 8/1, anyone not paid by 8/1 will be replaced)

The draft will be a slow draft meaning it could take a few weeks to finish please don't join if you hate slow drafts.

This is a half point per reception, No kicker Guillotine league. Each week the lowest-scoring team is eliminated from the league and all the team's players are dropped and can be added by other teams. This keeps happening till just one team is left. By the end, you got some loaded teams playing players by matchups

If interested send me a email and Ill send you the rest of the rules.

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