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$100 4-In-1 Pool (Survivor,Anti-Survivor,Pick 6,Wins)100% Paid (1 Viewer)


[SIZE=13pt]This is a 4 in 1 Pool, consisting of 4 separate pools all for one entry fee ($100)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]The 4 Pools: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]1.[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]Survivor[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]- Classic Survivor Pool, pick a different team to win every week- can't pick the same team twice[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]2.[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]Anti-Survivor[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]- Same thing except here you are picking a different team to LOSE every week. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]3.[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]Pick 6 Pool[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]- Pick any 6 game each week vs. the spread. Payout to anyone who goes 6-0 in a week, in addition to the person with the most correct picks for the season. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]4.[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]Wins Pool-[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]Pick whether each team will win more or less games than their Vegas Over/Under win total[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]AND[/SIZE] [SIZE=13pt]pick how many games each team will win this season....For example, the Jets over/under is 6.5 wins. You predict over or under 6.5 wins and pick an exact win total. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]100% of the pool is paid out. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Leave your email and I will send more detailed instructions and the chart for the Wins Pool. [/SIZE]

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Payout Structure:

100 % of the pot is paid out as follows:

25%- Survivor Winner

25%- Anti-Survivor Winner

15%- Wins Pool Winner

15%- Pick 6 Weekly Winners (prize rolls over any week that no one goes 6-0)

20%- Pick 6 Overall Winner

i have a dynasty auction IDP league that is starting at 7am Friday until Tuesday of next week

send me your email in interested

mfl and league safe ran

league name is

The next level Dynasty gms IDP



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