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$100 Auction Keeper - Brady $38 (1 Viewer)

Alberta Clipper

I commish a league on MFL.com called FAST.

Keep 0-3 based on $200 salary cap. Salaries escalate 15% with min $5 bump each year.

You can only protect a max of 1 RB.

Auction is fast paced online with each player auctioned off 1 at a time.

Auction date is late Aug or early Sept TBD.

League structure allows teams to rebuild from nothing and be competitive in year 1 with a good auction.

Cost $100 - payouts 100% after league hosting costs.

Scoring is enhanced ppr with 0.5rb/1.0wr/1.5 te

18 rosters - start 10

"VACANT" team roster from the end of 2011:


Remember to add 15% (min $5) to anyone's sal that you would like to protect.

2011 rules listed here:


The league is entering our 9th year.

Most of the owners and rules have been stable over the years.

I have commished several leagues a year for the past 10+ yrs.

If interested send me a pm or Email me

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Alberta Clipper

Forgot to mention we've conducted the fast paced online auction at ESPN the last couple of years but might try out the improved MFL.com live online auction this year.

edited to note - staying with espn for 2012

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Alberta Clipper

There is still one spot available.

I had it filled for a few weeks but the team has to drop out due to a conflict on auction date (Aug 23).

If you would like to join a new keeper league and start off with BRADY in the bank for $38 get back to me.

We only have 0-3 keepers so teams can always rebuild each year if they choose.

AUCTION is set for Aug 23 8:30 pm eastern on the espn site.

League hosted on mfl

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