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$100 Buy-In Playoff Draft League (1 Viewer)


$100 Buy-In Playoff Draft League is looking for 2 more managers. This is an 8-team league on MFL. All funds will be held in leaguesafe with majority votes for distribution. Specs:

  • $100 Buy-In - payouts will be $500, $200, $100 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.
  • Total points league (not H2H)
  • This is NOT best ball format - all teams must submit a starting lineup for each week
  • Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DST, 8 BN
  • Draft is scheduled for Friday, January 4 at 9:30pm EST - snake draft, 3rd round reversal
  • Decimal scoring:

    1 PPR
  • 1 pt per 10 RUSH/REC yard, 1 pt per 20 PASS yard
  • 5 pts per PASS TD (6 pts per all other TDs)
  • 2 pts per all 2 pt conversions   

Email drewlam10 at gmail dot com if interested in joining or post on here with your email.


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