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$100 buy in playoff fantasy league... (1 Viewer)

groin pains

Posting this once again in the event you were in last year and I missed sending you an email...

OK, it is that time of year again when we are all looking to satisfy our fantasy Football Fix. Once again I have set up a league thru playoffblitz.com that will take us from Wild Card Weekend right to the Super Bowl. It is a really fun and innovative league with NO DRAFT. Just set your lineup before the start of that weekends game and sit back and watch. Once you have used a player, that player is NO LONGER available to be used. You can take a look at all the rules and scoring system at Playoffblitz.com.

Each NFL player can be started ONE, and only ONE time. (As soon as you use him...you lose him)

Points are awarded to each player based on a standard league scoring format.

League members accumulate points each week during the playoffs.

The league member with the most cumulative points after the Super Bowl wins his/her league.


Each owner will be able to start the following number of players at each position, each week of the playoffs:

1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

2 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Kicker

1 Defense/Special Teams

Player pool

All players on the active rosters published by all teams in the NFL during the first week of the playoffs. Players will not be added to the rosters after the first week.

The player list will be locked based on the active rosters of the teams participating in the playoffs at the start of the first week.

Lineup Deadline

All lineups must be submitted prior to the start of the first game of each week.

Entry fee is the same as years past...$100. The entry fee MUST be paid before the kickoff of the first Wild Card game on Saturday afternoon. Anyone who has joined the league that has not paid will be removed and prize money will be adjusted. As previous winners will attest, payment is made to the winners the day after the Super Bowl via PayPal or check. Payment can be made via PayPal using the pay "friends or family"option. If interested, let me know and I will message you invite and payment info. You can email me at geo0171@aol.com for league invite and league payment info!

Last year we ended up with 50 paid participants and all money was paid out the Monday after the Superbowl!

Currently at 28 entries with 22 paid.


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