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$100 Dynasty League Start-Up 9/11 Few Owners Needed (1 Viewer)


Update: One Spot left in the league.

Hey guys,

My friends and I are starting up a dynasty league with some of my long time friends. Unfortunately, we could not schedule a time this week that ended up working for everyone so the draft will not be until 9/11. Week 1 will not count toward the season. Because of the delay we lost a couple of guys so I am looking for a few quality owners looking to join this awesome group of guys. This dynasty will be hosted on myfantasyleague. Payments will be by Leaguesafe, 100% Payout (majority vote, for 1st/2/3 and toilet bowl. $5 a year toward a perfect season jackpot. If you are interested or have questions email me at sean.l.nichols at gmail

Rosters: 23 Slots

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 W/R/TE

1 TE

1 Kick


13 Bench

Drop 5 players and a Dst each off season, followed by 3 round rookie draft and 3 round Free agent draft

Scoring: 1 Point/Reception, and 6 Pts for all TDs, the rest is pretty standard.

Let me know if you are interested.


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