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$100 entry, 1 owner needed: 32 Team IDP, PPR, 5th year Dynasty League, Super Prize Pool for 2019 (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone, I am co-commissioner for The Ultimate Dynasty league. We lost a few owners this offseason, so we are looking for some fresh faces to join - just in time for our 5th year super prize pool, where $3500 is added to the prize pool. We have a very solid core of active original owners; many of us play in multiple leagues together.

Bylaws = http://www60.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=43049&O=26 

Quick Summary of the important details:

  • Total amount due for the first year is $154.38 ($100 entry + $4.38 site fee + $50 deposit)

    Trading future draft picks requires an additional $50 deposit
  • LeagueSafe is used to hold funds

[*]$2500 paid out yearly, $700 set aside for 5th year Super Prize Pool

  • 2019 is our 5th year; the winner will take home $3000

[*]32 teams, split into 2 conferences and 8 divisions, just like the NFL

[*]1 player copy per conference, no trading cross-conference

[*]27 man rosters, limited to 16 OFF and 11 IDP

[*]Off-season cutdowns to 12 OFF and 7 IDP

[*]6 round slow Rookie draft in May, 8 round slow FA draft in August

[*]10 man Taxi Squads for players up to three years (with DTS stealing/compensation)

[*]GroupMe for league chat

[*]We do allow you to own 2 teams (1 NFC and 1 AFC) if interested

Available Team: Cardinals

Recently Filled Teams: 49ers, Chiefs, Texans, Eagles, Colts

Players on Orphaned Teams = https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UOfcUMV-PrxL1E7Sem0DMOEMb0zM8Wt0rouGCLMynn0/edit?usp=sharing 

If ALL new owners (per conference) want to keep their teams, great. If not, there will be separate dispersal drafts for NFC and AFC. Our rookie draft is scheduled to start May 10 so we are hoping to find owners ready to jump in right away.

If interested, please reply to this post or PM me.

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Just realized I hadn't included rookie picks in the rosters/players sheet. Oops! They are listed now.



Eagles are taken. Down to 2 open spots - Colts and Cardinals. Dispersal drafts will start once all new owners have paid


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