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$100 LgSafe, 10-tm, ESPN Auction, 2 QBs - very deep - new league!! (1 Viewer)


We're starting a new league for 10 teams from scratch - with the focus on it being a very deep league, starting a lot of players. Here are the basics:

10 Teams

Auction Draft (non-keeper)

Auction Waivers (daily Tues-Sun)

2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 5 Flex, 1 TE (no K/DEF), 9 Bench

Scoring: 6 Pt passing TD, 1/2 PPR, fairly standard otherwise

Draft will be on Tues, Sep 4th

All interest, please email frogs76109@gmail.com





Expanding this league from 10 to 12 because of demand. Let me know if you're interested! 



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