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$100 NFL Playoff Pool / Host site: MyFantasyLeague / Format: Use them Once / LeagueSafe (currently 45/46 spots filled) (1 Viewer)


How to play:
You will be asked to create a NEW lineup each week of the playoffs (Wild Card, Divisional, Conference Championship and Super Bowl week ends).

The Lineup:
1Qb 3Wr 2Rb 1Te 1Flex 1DST

The twist:
You can only use a player one time. In other words, (using last season for the example) if you selected Stafford during the wild card week and Burrow in the divisional round, you were left with a backup Qb to fill your roster on Super Bowl week end.

- Hosted on MyFantasyLeague
- Payments are held by LeagueSafe (majority approval)

The pool:
- $100 buy-in per entry
- Maximum league size 46 entries. (Last year we had a max league size of 36 and filled up).
- Weekly payouts for top 2-3 Wild Card, Divisional & Conference round highest scoring teams
- Combined 4 weeks points scored for top 3-5 highest scoring teams.:

Official payout will be posted prior to the first kickoff of the wild card week end… for a general idea here is an average payout based on past seasons (34 entries):

1st $1 400
2nd $700
3rd $400
4th $150


Top 2 or 3 highest weekly score for Wild Card, Divisional & Conference rounds:
1st- $150
2nd- $100
3rd- $75

For more details or to join:
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