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100 Team College Themed Dynasty Startup (1 Viewer)


College Fantasy Football (CFFB) Dynasty league is looking to get off the ground in 2021. CFFB is where young NFL players (1-4 years) aren't done being the BMOC. Coaches (you) battle with 100 other programs. Fighting for recruits to come to their program. Climbing over other teams week after week in the National Rankings for a shot at the playoffs. Gain seasonal rewards from your success to help continue domination over your conference rivals next season. If any of this sounds like a fun competitive and interesting format for fantasy football please consider joining.

  • League hosted on MFL
  • LeagueSafe used to collect buyins & payouts
  • Slack used for primary communication
  • No Trades or Waivers to keep track of
  • 30 player rosters
  • H2H Weekly Matchups- 8 man Starting Lineups (1 QB; 1-3 RB; 1-6 WR/TE)
  • 0.5 ppr/0.5 pp1d scoring system
  • 100 teams total
  • 6 conferences with 2 divisions in each

    5 Conferences (80 teams total)

    $50 buyin

[*]1 Conference ( 20 teams total)

  • $25 buyin

[*]Limited Player Pool; Focus on NFL players with 1-4 years experience

  • 2 copies of player in each conference

Other element to look forward to in this league:

  • Competitive Conference Recruiting Auctions
  • Recruiting Budget Bonus Awards
  • Redshirts (Medical and Traditional)
  • National Ranking
  • Conference Championships
  • Playoffs and Bowl Games
  • Player Awards (Heisman, O'Brien, All-Conference, etc.)
  • Devy Element
  • Able to schedule some of your games each season
If interested in learning more please check out our bylaws and current league page:


League Page

Available Teams/Sign-Up

*96 Spots filled

If interested please let me know. I'll also be sure to answer any questions you might have! Thank you.

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Update down to 4 teams available:
$25 buyin- Minor Conference

Miami (OH), Nevada, New Mexico, San Diego State

Startup Auction planned for early May. come join!




Few guys didn't pay on time and have two openings still


Ole Miss

Auction is currently slated to start on May 8th for those conferences that are filled and paid up! Come join us!


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