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$110 SALARY CAP LEAGUE - needs 1 LAST owner (1 Viewer)


I have done one of these for a few years now (old Sporting News years ago and other sites more recently) - never do that well but I am always intrigued by them even though they pay somewhat poorly.  FOR EXAMPLE - a 12 team $29.95 league takes in $359.40 but only pay out $145 in league prizes and roll some up into overall prizes.  If you are like me - you know the overall prizes are a crapshoot and the true return on investment comes from simply wining a lot of single 12 team leagues.  With only 41% of the league fees going towards league prizes - this is NOT where I want to play anymore.


So I am going to start my own 12 team salary league - cost will be $110 with  $100 going into the prize pool. That's 91%!

CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE LEAGUE ON MFL - if you like what you see and want in - post here or use the "email commissioner link on the MFL site - THANKS

Here's the league structure - brand new annual league - takes some effort and planning!.

  • 12 teams - have 11 already - looking for 1 more!
  • Head to Head for 13 weeks - 3 divisions of 4 - play within division 2x and 7 other teams 1x.
  • 34 players to a roster - 22 would be active with 12 taxi squad players - ALL PLAYERS AVAILABLE TO ALL TEAMS!
  • Active roster would be 3 QBs / 5 RBs / 5 WRs / 2 TEs / 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 3 Ks  and 2 DTs/STs - taxi squad is any 12 players you want for bye week purposes etc.
  • All NFL players would have assigned salaries that would stay the same for the entire year
  • Your starting lineup cannot exceed $60,000 - only starters count towards your cap as you can put whoever you want on your taxi squad.
  • You will be able to make 16 free agent claims for the entire season - once you use all 16, you are stuck with your team at that point for the remainder of the year.  There is NO extra cost to get these players.
  • We will use Victory Points for this league - 2 points for a win / 0 for a loss PLUS 2 points for the top 4 scores / 1 point for the middle 4 scores and no points for the bottom 4.
  • Teams will make the playoffs and be seeded based first on Victory Points and then W/L followed by total points for if need be - DIVISION WINNERS ALWAYS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NO MATTER VP.
  • All division winners get $100 then we pay $400 / $250 / $175 and $75 to 1st through 4th.
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