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12 Baseball Live drafts this weekend, 5x5 rotisserie, mixed (1 Viewer)


Mastersfantasybaseballleagues is running 12 live baseball drafts in all Divisions this weekend, We have a Tin($45) Bronze($122) and Silver ($281 tonite, Copper ($71), Bronze and Gold ($550), tommorow and Tin, Bronze, Silver and Platinum ($1,084) on Sunday, all leagues are rotisserie, 5x5, mixed.

We just opened league number 105, drafts are 7 days a week through the start of the season.

complete schedule: http://www.mastersfantasybaseballleagues.com/rules_live.php

homepage: http://www.mastersfantasybaseballleagues.com/index.php

also if you are really desperate for football, we just opened league number 118 in football..getting an early start...real early.

Football Homepage: http://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/


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