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12 Man $50 KEEPER ESPN active league (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone! I have a great opportunity for someone to reserve a spot for YEARS to come.

I run a very successful 12 man redraft league and a lot of that guys in that league asked me to do a "KEEPER" league. Always wanting to do it but never taking the plunge I figured why not. So we made it a 12 man ESPN keeper. We had the league filled up until we found out one of the guys was "1 person" but playing under 2 usernames and 2 teams. Therefore we had 2 spots open for this league, one has been filled and we are looking to fill the last.

The person that accepts would have the #6 overall pick and the draft date will be Sunday, August 19th @ 1:30 pm EST time.

This league is a very very heavy high scoring league so be aware! Its also a very active and mature league. If you are looking for a good group of guys to join a league with look no further. You are basically making a commitment that you will be married to the league for years to come. Its ok, your wife will understand, if not you married the wrong woman! This league is a IDP + PPR

PM me or email me for more league details eric @ homeboyznetwork.com (if you copy and paste take out spaces)

Look forward to having you in the league and let the trash talking begin!


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