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12 Team 1 PPR Redraft No IDP 2 Flex ( RB, WR, TE) MFL League Drafting (1 Viewer)


I am starting another MFL Redraft league and our live draft will be Wednesday at 8 PM - I will be using leaguesafe to handle the funds. Payout, less MFL fee to Super Bowl winner (~$370), Runner-up ($100), and Consolation ($50).

Start 1 QB 2-4 RB 2-4 WR 1-3 TE 1 K 1 D

If interested please email me prhof14@gmail.com


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4 teams left --- spots are filling up quick --- email me prhof14@gmail.com and i'll shoot you an invite

What is Consolation prize? Is that for overall 3rd place game winner or is it winner of some sort of loser bracket playoffs?

Also, if FCFS waivers end Sunday then does that mean you cannot pick up a Monday Night player before his game starts?

thanks !

consolation prize is for the 3rd place game winnner - no money for the loser bracket

FCFS waivers end before kickoff on Sunday however blind bidding will open right after kickoff on Sundnay


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