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12-team $30 salary/contract SF TE Premium League needs 4 for dispersal draft (1 Viewer)



Looking for 4 owners to join in my available league:

$30 LeagueSafe + 1 year deposit (2022), $60 total 1st payment

Contract/Salary Cap League

12-team SF

PPR, TE Prem

25-man roster, 5 Taxi

All 4 owners will be in a dispersal draft that will included all contracted players for each team plus the draft picks they owned. Picks include 1.01, 1.04 & 1.07 with at least 3 picks in rounds 2-4 available as well. With the draft order done by random order & serpentine.

We have franchise/transition tags, holdouts, extensions, 4th year options, Contract Buyout, etc along with a FA auction that’ll take place after the Rookie Draft in April after the NFL Draft.



Dispersal assets:



Any teams listed with “open ownership” https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=20466&O=07


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