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12 Team Auction League with prize. (1 Viewer)


I am filling my dream league and looking for more players who are addicted to FF and are always responsive to trades and the waiver wire. QB, 2RB, 3WR, WR/TE, DEF. 7 man Bench, 1 IR. Online auction, $25, 100% payout, all via leaguesafe, late Aug if possible or at least weekend before the games 'count'. Playoff qualification determined using combination head-to-head and total points. Playoff wins determined by HTH. Blind bid waivers. Trades allowed, reviewed by commish. Scoring: Only ppr is on TE 1 point to make them relevant. This setting probably won't be possible in ESPN so I will have to move league to fleaflicker after auction to do this. To further remove some of the random-ness of FF, I removed kicker position. In the end I think this will make final scoring more reasonable and more fun! Comments welcome. Message me your email to get a leagueSafe invite.

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