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12 Team Dynasty League where players have Superpowers (1 Viewer)


Got 2 teams, Saint Seiya and The First Avenger, that are open in a league called, Heroes vs Villains.

.5 ppr, standard scoring, Best Ball, IDP, $35 entry fee

Below is a link to the MFL league's website. Make sure to read the footnotes to understand the rules.

If interested and want to see the Superpowers that players have on those teams, email me at richhavlik@gmail.com

Here is the teams that are available and what Superpowers some of their players have

First AvengerDE-Marcus Davenport-NOAnti-Power (Any -C)"Nope. Nope. Nope.", When player is in the starting Line Up, all powers on both teams are negated.
First AvengerHC-Zack Taylor-CinClock Manipulation (C)"What time is it?", +25% of Total Points of any player in the starting line-up that is from the same team as the coach.
First AvengerQB-Baker Mayfield-TBFailure Manipulation (QB)"Some guys are just lucky", Zeroes out the points from throwing INTs
First AvengerQB-Joe Burrow-CinBonus Replication (Any)"Bringing home the bacon", Off Season Power: Multiply the Blind Bidding Bonus x2, or Multiply the Blind Bidding Bonus x3 if the team had a losing record, or Multiply the Blind Bidding Bonus x4 if the team was the worst team in the league via regular season record.
First AvengerQB-Joe Burrow-CinTime Travel (QB)"Let's do that again", Zero out the points from INT(s)
First AvengerRB-Alvin Kamara-NODefensive Negation (Any O)"Negates Powers", All the powers of any of the starting opposing defensive players are negated and have no effect.
First AvengerTE-Jonnu Smith-NEEnhanced Zag (TE)"Turn on those moves", +1 point for every rushing or receiving TD
First AvengerWR-Denzel Mims-NYJIdentity Theft (Any)"Like looking in a mirror", This player (when in the starting line up) scores the same amount of total points of an opposing starting player (from the same division and position) for better or worse. If more than one player is from same division and position, player with the most points is selected.
Saint SeiyaHC-Brandon Staley-LACGenius (C)"That coach is a genius", Add, as a team bonus, 5% of the bench’s total points or add, as a team bonus, 20% of the bench’s total points if the opposing starting coach is from the same division
Saint SeiyaLB-Cory Littleton-CarExtra Arms (LB)"Giving High Fives and then some", Zeroes out the points from receiving yards of opposing starting RB(s) and/or TE(s) of from the same conference.
Saint SeiyaLB-Roquan Smith-ChiInvisible Clone (Any D)"Didn't see that coming", x2 total points if opposing starting Coach is from the same conference.
Saint SeiyaRB-Matt Breida-NYGEnhanced Athleticism (RB)x2 the points from rushing and receiving yardage if opposing starting Coach or RB(s) are from the same division.
Saint SeiyaS-Minkh Fitzpatrick-PittElectronic Defense (Any D)"This player has some spark to his game", Zeroes out the points, from TD(s), of any opposing starting offensive player(s) from the same division.
Saint SeiyaTE-TJ Hockenson-MNEnhanced Zig (TE)"Turn on those moves", +1 point for every rushing or receiving TD
Saint SeiyaWR-Jerry Jeudy-DenSacrificial Power (Any)"Someone benefits from the Deceased beside the funeral director", When any player becomes Deceased, this player will score +10% of total points.
Saint SeiyaWR-Tyler Lockett-SeaEnhanced Leap (WR)"Knows when to make that leap", x2 the points from receiving yardage if there is an opposing starting defensive player from the same division.

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