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12 team DYNASTY Startup // LEAGUESAFE // 0.5 PPR // $100 buy in // Modified Empire // Sleeper (1 Viewer)


Starting up a 12 Team Dynasty League on Sleeper, need 6 more active owners as of now

Join here: https://slpr.link/jVRPo8k51jBX

$100 Buy in, likely Modified Empire format (*read details below)

Experienced Commissioner

LeagueSafe for all finances

No K, No IDP, No Superflex

.5 PPR / 4 pt passing Tds / Double Flex Lineup

20-22 man rosters, IR, 3 Taxi Squad

FAAB Waviers

LMK any questions, Join here:  https://slpr.link/jVRPo8k51jBX

*We can vote on whether or not to run this league as a modified Empire Format.  This allows there to be a conclusion to the league, but still allows likely a 5-15 year league run.  In this format 70% of the yearly pot goes to the winner, the other 30% rolls into a jackpot.  The jackpot is won by the first team to win 3 championships and the league is then dissolved.

Additional details here:  https://post.leaguesafe.com/empire-leagues-everything-you-need-to-know/


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