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12 Team Keeper Value of D. Guice (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR Standard Scoring Start QB,2RB,3WR,TE,FLX,TD,K 18 man roster

What is the keeper value of Guice in 2019?

He is sitting on the waiver wire and if I pick him up and hold him until next year i would get him in the 18th Round

Make my move now or wait

My Current team is sitting at 3-1

QB-Roethlisberger RB-M.Ingram, T.Colmeman, D.Henry, Jav. Allen, A. Ekeler, J. Richard WR-A. Brown, J. Landry, Jo Brown, K. Stills, T. Lockett, J. Crowder, C. Godwin, M. Goodwin, TE-Gronk

I was thinking of dropping Goodwin and stash Guice. Is now the time to pull the trigger or is there more value in A.Brown as a 1st Round Keeper in 2019?

Thanks in Advance!



I like Guice for the 18th Round ... Stash him now.  He will be a year removed from injury when next season starts so should be fine to play

You can always get Brown again in the 1st, but you will never get Guice in the 18th



I'd wait, you may be 3-1 but I don't view your team as being that strong especially with Gronk's health being in question now and your RB's being full of a lot of RB2's on their teams.


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