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12 team PPR picking 6th: Brown, Saquan, Kamara? (1 Viewer)


So I draft 6th and I anticipate the top 4 RBs will go before I pick (Gurley, Bell, Johnson, Elliot).  Depending how pick 5 goes I am looking at Brown, Barkley, Kamara as one should be available at my pick.  Others like Gordan, Fournette or Hopkins will almost surely be there.  What would you do?  And thanks for any help.

You definitely have to go Brown first, then Barkley for me over Kamara.  I'm not down on Kamara but I do see TD regression a little, Brees spreads the ball around, and Ingram is still there.  Barkley may pose more rookie level risk but I don't buy it.  He's going to be a bellcow and NOT have to share anything with anyone in the backfield

If you have time, please see mine


Yeah I like Barkley, he has talent and opportunity that could easily work out better than Kamara.  The unkown rookie factor vs. Kamara has proven himself likely is why Kamara is ranked higher most places.

To me, Antonio Brown is worthy of the number one pick in any ppr league.

The question is what will be left for you at RB when you pick in the middle of the second round?

Would you rather have Antonio Brown and Joe Mixon?  Or would you rather have Barkley and AJ Green?  (just examples based on position rankings)

I think the ceiling is higher on Barkley / Green, but the floor is higher on Brown / Mixon just from Brown alone.

I'm all about safety with my first two picks. If it's between two players I'd go for the safer bet followed by the offense they play in. Brown has history on his side. You know the Saints are going to be in the top 10 for TDs. Brown than Kamara for me. 

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