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12 Team Startup Dynasty League Looking For 2 More Owners (1 Viewer)


New Dynasty League Startup is looking for 2 more new owners. Looking for good, competitive, active owners that want to be in a league long term. The other 10 owners currently are from other leagues I run.

Dues are $60 a year using Leaguesafe

12 team league

Deep roster 80 man active roster and 20 man taxi squad that will be used for the active roster also (Total 100 Roster Spots)

30 I/R spots

35 starter line up each week

IDP's also

No contracts or salaries

Serpentine Vet Draft, Rookie Draft, and Mixed Vet/Rookie Draft (rounds 1-80 vet, 81-90 rookie, 91-100 mixed)

100 rounds total in the draft

League link below


Interested let me know at recruitingcoop@gmail.com



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