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12-Team Superflex TE Premium League Start-Up - FULL (1 Viewer)


Hi, my name is Matthew. I am starting a 12-team Start 10 Superflex TE Premium League. Players will be dispersed via a Hybrid Auction/Snake Draft.

Update - League is now full.

I have 14 years of experience of being a commissioner of a 1QB Dynasty League. I am in no other dynasty leagues besides that one. That is also the only other league I am the commissioner of.

I am looking for owners who are responsive, don't ghost trade offers, active, and okay with joining the League GroupMe. The GroupMe will help the league be more active.

Here is the link to the league website:
Super Gridiron League

Note that while Sleeper has become more popular I plan to keep the league on MFL.

Here is the link to league bylaws:
League Bylaws

League Dues: $70 per year with $210 (3 years of dues) upfront paid through LeagueSafe. Thereafter, teams must pay 100% of current year dues and 100% of dues any future year a draft pick is traded. This means dues will be $0 in 2025 and $0 2026 provided an owner has not traded a future draft pick beyond 2026. If a team trades a future draft pick they will need to pay 100% of the dues for the year immediately.

League Payouts: 100% payout minus cost to host on MFL
Roster Size: 27 players with no IR or Taxi Squad
Starting Lineup: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE), 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

Scoring Settings
Fantasy Football: Super Gridiron League League Scoring

0.04 points per passing yard
6.0 points per passing touchdown
2.0 points per successful passing 2 point conversion
-3.0 points per interception
-0.1 points per yard lost due to a sack
0.1 points per rushing yard
6.0 points per rushing touchdown
2.0 points per successful rushing 2 point conversion
0.5 points per rushing first down
1.0 point per reception for players designated as a tight end by the League host site.
0.5 points per reception for players designated as a quarterback, wide receiver, or runningback by the League host site
6.0 points per receiving touchdown
2.0 points per successful receiving 2 point conversion
0.5 points per receiving first down
-3.0 points per fumble lost
6 points per kick and return touchdown
6 points per offensive fumble return for touchdown

Note: Both the NFL and MFL score all touchdowns as first downs so rushing and receiving touchdowns are scored as 5.5 points.

Start-Up Player Dispersal Process
There will be a 60 player slow auction where each team will get exactly 5 players followed by a 22 round slow snake draft. Note that auction nominations will snake.

Auction Details: We plan to start the auction on Monday, April 29th. It will use a Proxy bid system like Ebay and will be a slow auction that will likely take at least all of May to complete. The clock per auction is 14 hours and 6 minutes and only resets back to that time when the owner who is the max bidder changes. We'll limit to the number of players that can be up to auction at once somewhere between 4 and 6 players. Trading is not allowed during the Auction.

Snake Draft Details: This will be a standard snake draft except the 1.01 pick will be equivalent to the 6.01 pick in normal start-up draft. Trading is allowed and encouraged. There will be an 8 hour time limit per pick with the clock turned off between 12 am ET and 8 am ET each day. The start date is TBD.

The order in which owners get to nominate players and draft players in the Snake Draft will be determined as follows:
1.) The 12 teams will be randomized first to determine their Kentucky Derby Snake Draft slot
2.) Teams will then choose either their Auction Slot or Defer their choice to the Snake Draft. This will be a 2-Round Kentucky Derby Snake Draft.
3.) After the Auction is over teams will select their snake draft slot in the order in which they selected the Deferral option.

Other Items of Significance
-Future draft picks can only be traded one year into the future.
-Consolation bracket for the 6 teams who fail to make the Playoffs. Winners advance and the champion gets awarded the 2.13 pick and the runner-up the 3.13 pick.

Reason Why I'm starting another Dynasty League
I want to play in a Superflex Dynasty League and the league above wanted to stay as a 1QB Dynasty League. The reason I want to play in a Superflex because it's different and puts a lot more importance on the QB thus making the rookie draft each year deeper most years.
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