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$125 CBS Sports Dead Pool League Looking for 3 Players (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the Dead Pool's 2018 season and it's great that you’re interested in our league, I look forward to a competitive and challenging season. Right now, we are looking for 3 more players to make this an enriching fantasy football experience (need 3 more but would like 7 more players as the amount in the pool will determine the league win.). Please contact me (SOON) If you want into the league. You will need to pay at League Safe ($125 plus $5 admin charge) under the Dead Pool League. (The Dead Pool is an invitation only league – contact me for an invitation). Once you sign up at CBS Sports I will send you an invitation to pay (if you haven’t paid already), as you know League Safe holds the money until the end of the season (Dec 29th). This is a Head to Head League. The draft will be held Tuesday September 4, 2018 at 9 pm Eastern, you will be able to sign into the CBS draft room prior to the draft, there will be 16 rounds (unless you opt for CBS to pick your players) , be prepared, though you will have plenty of chances to change your roster during the season, if you haven't drafted before do a sample draft it will give you a good idea as to how the draft will go, so pay now, Tuesday September 4th you will be on the clock. The Dead Pool goes live when there are at least 10 paid players in the league. I wish old and new players lots of luck in the coming NFL season.


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