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12T, PPR, IDP, Auction Style Free Agency, C.McCaffrey, J.Jefferson, Helaire-Edwards, Maholmes, J.Allen, Prescott, Godwin all available via dispersal d (1 Viewer)


J’s Fantasy Football League is a PPR, IDP, auction, salary cap, no-kickers dynasty league.
Owners designate “contract-years” to keep players from year to year at a set salary.
We are looking for 3 teams to join our 12 team, PPR, IDP Auction Dynasty League via dispersal draft.

League info and starting rosters:
Total Number of Divisions: 3
Number of Franchises: 12
Number of Roster Spots: 30
Number of Injured Reserve Spots: 5
Number of Taxi Squad Spots: 5
Head-To-Head Matchups: Yes
Each Player can be on: 1 rosters per League

Total Starters: 14
Number of Starting QBs: 1
Number of Starting RBs: 2-3
Number of Starting WR+TEs: 3-4
Number of Starting DT+DEs: 2-3
Number of Starting LBs: 2-3
Number of Starting CB+Ss: 2-3
Total Number of Starting Individual Defensive Players: 7

The league is comprised of 12 perpetual dynasty teams divided into 3 divisions of 4 teams each.
League fees are $100 per team and due before the beginning of the auction. Auction will begin once all teams have paid their fees, and assigned contract years. Teams that have not paid their dues will not be eligible to participate in auctions, assign contract years, propose or accept trade offers, or exercise any other owner ability.

Prizes will be awarded from league fees minus web site costs ($80). The prize breakdown is listed below.
Champion $600.00
Runner-up $300.00
Third Place Team $135
Fourth Place Team $85
Website fee is $80.

League dues and all monetary prizes will be paid through PayPal.
A non-refundable league fee will be assessed for each team involved in the trade of future draft picks. This fee is to prevent owners from trading the future away and then abandoning the team. The league fee associated with draft pick trades must be paid directly to the Commissioner by each team. These fees will be applied to the next season’s league fees. Fee for trading future draft picks is $50 and must be paid before the trade is accepted.

Owners will have a total salary cap of $300 to acquire players during the initial auction and throughout the entire season.

All auctions will be an online email auction type. Every day during the auction period, team owners can nominate players for auction. Bids begin at $1 and increase by at least $1. Owners cannot bid more than the money they have remaining in their salary cap. Owners are not required to spend their entire salary cap nor fill their roster to the maximum capacity. The winning bid will be the player’s salary for the season or the length of the contract.

Up to five rookie players may be placed on the Taxi/Scout Squad. While on the Taxi Squad, players cannot be designated as a starter but they do not count against the salary cap. This is an ideal location to stash promising young rookies with less of an immediate impact.
We are looking for committed owners, league fees are $100 per season.

5 round rookie draft every year, 5 taxi squad roster spots.

Dispersal Draft will be 30 rounds. It will be a serpentine draft, not an auction. This draft will likely be completed online but, if not, then it will be conducted in an offline email draft in a timely manner. Drafted players will keep their salary, but contracts can be assigned from 1-5 years. It will be a 3 team dispersal draft and should go relatively quickly.

Rookie draft picks are also included in the dispersal draft.
Draft picks available in this dispersal draft: 7, 8, 10, 19, 20, 22, 25, 31, 32, 34, 43, 44, 46, 55, 56, 58.
Dispersal Draft order between the 3 teams will be decided through a random draft generator online.
Dispersal Draft Order as follows, Round 1: Team 1, Pick 1. Team 2: Pick 2, Team 3: Pick 3
Round 2: Team 3: Pick 4, Team 2 Pick: 5, Team 1: Pick 6.

What happens next?  1) 2021 League Fee Payments, 2) Team Contracts, 3) Rookie Draft 4), Free Agency Auction.

Each team will be sent a spreadsheet with all players and draft picks available, sorted by ADP. Any questions please email: bonks80@hotmail.com
Experienced owners preferred, thanks.

League Site: https://www50.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/24041#0

Notable players available in our dispersal draft. Salary will remain, but contracts can be assigned from 1-5 years.
Player                    2020 PTS -SALARY
McCaffrey, C. CAR RB 91.9 $1
Kelce, Travis KCC TE 312.8 $5
Jefferson, J. MIN WR 272.2 $1
Edwards-Helaire, KCC RB 176.5 $1
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB 366.3 $1
McLaurin, Terry WAS WR 227.8 $1
Allen, Josh BUF QB 392.5 $1
Godwin, Chris TBB WR 192 $3
Prescott, Dak DAL QB  141.2 $17
Herbert, Justin LAC QB 318.2 $1
Higgins, Tee CIN WR 198.6 $1
Claypool, Chase PIT WR 217.9 $1
Davis, Mike ATL RB 210 $1
Jones, Ronald TBB RB 188.3 $1
Ryan, Matt ATL QB 271.25 $27
Shenault, L. JAC WR 160.1 $1
Moss, Zack BUF RB (Q) 101.6 $1
Landry, Jarvis CLE WR 185.7 $7
Higbee, Tyler LAR TE 128.2 $25
Gallup, Michael DAL WR 173.3 $1
Mayfield, Baker CLE QB 239.25 $1
Mooney, Darnell CHI WR 151.3 $1
Roethlisberger PIT QB 265.25 $19
Hardman, Mecole KCC WR 144 $1
Lindsay, Phillip HOU RB 67 $50
Fitzpatrick, R. WAS QB 152.65 $1
Ebron, Eric PIT TE 141.8 $9
Campbell, Parris IND WR 15.7 $1
Cook, Jared LAC TE 130.9 $5
Sanders, E. BUF WR 165.8 $20
Coleman, Tevin NYJ RB 13.7 $3
Schultz, Dalton DAL TE 150 $1
Patrick, Tim DEN WR (Q) 163.2 $1
McFarland, A. PIT RB 22.7 $1
Gurley, Todd FA* RB 161.2 $3
Abdullah, Ameer MIN RB 46.08 $1
Freeman, Devonta FA RB 36 $19
Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR $18
Sanu, Mohamed SFO WR 44.6 $19

Notable ID Players Available:
                             2020 PTS-Salary
Baker, Budda ARI S 133 $3
Johnson, A. DEN LB 112 $1
Walker, Anthony CLE LB 90.5 $1
Collins, Jamie DET LB 104 $1
Barnes, Krys GBP LB 77.5 $1
Greenlaw, Dre SFO LB 90.5 $1
Jenkins, Malcolm NOS S 117 $5
Winfield, Antoine TBB S 98 $1
Jackson, Eddie CHI S 89.5 $2
Watt, T.J. PIT LB 135.5 $1
Curl, Kamren WAS S 103.5 $1
Ryan, Logan NYG S 101 $6
Evans, Rashaan TEN LB 86.5 $2
Hunter, Danielle MIN DE ‐ $12
McKinney, B. MIA LB 31 $3
Williams, Vince PIT LB 94.5 $1
Austin, Blessuan NYJ CB 67.5 $1

Fuller, Kendall WAS CB 65 $1
Hyde, Micah BUF S 67.12 $1
Sweat, Montez WAS DE 94.5 $1
Klein, A.J. BUF LB 91 $1
Awuzie, Chidobe CIN CB 41.5 $1
Reeder, Troy LAR LB 85 $1

Rookie Draft Picks Available:
Yanks Draft Pick 1.07 1- 7
Bears Draft Pick 1.08 1- 8
Port Draft Pick 1.10 1- 10
Yanks Draft Pick 2.07 2- 19
Bears Draft Pick 2.08 2- 20
Port Draft Pick 2.10 2- 22
Yanks Draft Pick 3.01 3- 25
Yanks Draft Pick 3.07 3- 31
Bears Draft Pick 3.08 3- 32
Port Draft Pick 3.10 3- 34
Yanks Draft Pick 4.07 4- 43
Bears Draft Pick 4.08 4- 44
Ports Draft Pick 4.10 4- 46
Yanks Draft Pick 5.07 5- 55
Bears Draft Pick 5.08 5- 56
Port Draft Pick 5.10 5- 58

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