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13 Year Keeper League, CBS, LeagueSafe, $120, PPR, 2 FLEX, IR, Fractional and Bonus Scoring, Drafting 31 Aug, 8 PM EDT, Need 2 (1 Viewer)


My 13 year keeper league on CBS Sports needs two owners.

This is a 12 team, 3 division, head-to-head league. Six teams make the playoffs, three Division Winners and three Wildcard Teams based on winning percentage (Points For is the tiebreaker).

The draft is an online, snake style draft, on Thursday, August 31, 8 PM EDT.

The top three places are paid as well as the Most Points Scored Season (weeks 1-14).

Payout is as follows:

League Champion – $630
League Runner-Up – $360
Third Place – $150
Most Points Scored Season – $150

All league fees are returned to owners except for the $150 site fee.

Division assignments are shuffled each year based roughly on team finish the prior season (i.e. the top finishers draft toward the end of all odd rounds and at the beginning of even rounds).

Teams are allowed a maximum 3 keepers each season. Players drafted in the first three rounds the prior season CANNOT be designated keepers in the current season. Players are on a 3-year running contract from the year drafted or picked up off the waiver wire if not previously drafted that season or the prior one and designated a keeper heading into the current season.

Roster composition and current draft positions of available teams are available upon request.

Detailed rules are contained in our League Constitution which will be updated in the next two weeks. Everything will be essentially the same. Mostly I will be updating due dates and league events (e.g. the Trade Deadline). The League Constitution is also being reorganized to make it easier to find things.

I utilize short benches to challenge owners dealing with bye weeks, injuries, and all the in-season issues that may arise. This isn't your cookie-cutter league with massive benches, multiple IR positions, and a number of keepers resembling a dynasty league.

If you THINK you have mad fantasy football skills, join my league and PROVE IT!

William Wilson
Email: dafter.flash@gmail.com

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