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14–team PPR auction dynasty startup, superflex - NEED ONE! (1 Viewer)


what makes this league unique?

1) The starting lineup requirements allow for very different strategies to be employed - 1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF, 1superflex (any), 1flex (RB,WR,TE)

2) EVERY position is of extreme importance in this league - even the defenses can win or lose you games week to week

3) Tanking doesn't improve your draft positioning - league uses possible points as the draft order, no more 'dump' trades or bad lineups by the lower echelon

4) Conditional trading is allowed - Example - Dan Marino was traded by team A to team B subject to the following conditions: If Dan Marino ranks in the top 5 at his position at the end of the current season, Team A will receive a 2014 first round draft pick as compensation, if Dan Marino finishes ouside of the top 5 ranking Team A will receive a 2014 second round pick.

5) PPR is weighted TE>WR>RB

6) No divisions, and every team plays every other team once - it doesn't get any fairer than that

7) The higher seeded teams get to choose which opponent they play in the fantasy playoffs - Example: in the semis the #1 seed gets to choose his opponent from the other 3 teams regardless of their seed, which gives a little more importance to regular season

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entry fees are set at $55 - basically i want it low enough that no one will ever have to leave due to financial concerns and yet high enough that owners won't just pack it in if they start out badly

been commishing leagues since 1989 ... Boys of Fall leagues have been running since 2006 ... for legitimacy i will give all the other leagues websites i commish for you to check, as well as the other leagues i'm in, my email address, cell phone number, verified paypal account status, league message board posts showing paypal receipts of payments right after season, feel free to contact any member of any league i commish, ebay userID (to check feedback), basically any other piece of information you need to verify i'm not a cyberthief

And one final note:

That ruleset was copied from the other Boys of Fall leagues which have been draft style

So the player acquisition part of that ruleset will change to auction format

ok, here is where we are

the other guy unbacked out

so we sit at a waiting list of seven for the next one, shouldnt take but a day or two to fill


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