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14 man Blind Bid Auction Dynasty Startup $120 leaguesafe MFL Superflex 2TE IDP (1 Viewer)


*2 Spots open* *Lots of Side Games* *Active Commissioner*

Wild Wild Waivers

  • 14 man / $120 Buy In / Blind Bid Auction Startup / 2TE / DT Premium / Superflex / IDP
  • Draft

    This is a BLIND BID AUCTION, meaning each team will nominate 1 offensive and 1 defensive player, once all nominations are up, the league will then place their blind bids and waivers will process the next day.
  • Each team will start with a budget of $2000
  • There will be a separate Rookie and Devy draft after our startup concludes
  • There will be no extra money given for the rookie/Devy draft, owners must plan accordingly

[*]Starting Lineup

  • 1QB
  • 1 Super Flex
  • 2 RB
  • 3 WR
  • 2 TE
  • 2 Offensive Flex (all but QB)
  • 3 LB
  • 2 DE
  • 1 DT (Premium)
  • 2 Safety
  • 1 Cornerback (CB Premium)
  • 2 Defensive Flex (can only flex 1 extra DT)
  • Start 22 total players
  • Dual Playoffs

[*]Head 2 Head Playoffs / Points only from week 14-16 Playoffs

  • 1st: $200 / $200 (So if you place 1st in h2h & points only you win $400 + $180 Double Champ pot)
  • 2nd: $100 / $100
  • 3rd: $50 / $50
  • Double Champ: $180

    Highest Points (weeks 1-13) $100
  • Best Record (Weeks 1-13) $100
  • Survivor x3 $120 ($40 per winner)
  • Duel $280 (each team starts with $20)
  • Progressive $200

[*]Playoffs (there will be 2 playoff tournaments in this league)

  • Head to Head
  • Top 8 teams will face off in your typical head 2 head playoffs.

[*]Highest Points

  • The top 3 highest points from week 14-16 will win 1st/2nd/3rd in our Points only playoffs

[*]Double Champ

  • Any team to win the Head 2 Head and Highest points wins the double champ bonus of $180

[*]Side Games


  • Rivalries will be chosen based off of end of season finish

[*]Survivor x3

  • There will be 3 separate survivor tournaments during the year


  • All teams will start out with $20 real life money to wager


  • Progressive tournament, $200 goes into it per year

A bit of back story about me as a commissioner, because I think if you’re serious about dynasty and staying committed to a league then you’re more than likely worried if your commissioner will be a bum or not. I run 4 leagues at the moment (this will be my 5th) All of the leagues I run have a decent amount of side games and low rollover so far. (although i just started last year)  I am very active as a commissioner and most people in any of my leagues seem happy with the way I run things. During the initial phases of a startup league, we vote on a lot of stuff and everyone gets a say in how they want things to go. I keep track of all of my side games/leagues with google spreadsheets.

If you’ve made it this far, then I’d love to have you in my league. Please message me with what interests you most about this league and why you think you would be a good fit. This is a requirement for me to reply to you. I am not interested in members that won’t even read a short document and are willing to just jump into a league like this, because those are typically the people that abandon their teams mid-season and I would very much like to avoid that.

Here is a link to the Wild Wild Waivers spreadsheet.


Here is a link to the Wild Wild Waivers League


Here is a link to another of my leagues spreadsheets and that is what the final product should look like.


Look forward to hearing from you!


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