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14 team $200 DISCOUNTED unique keeper/dynasty league 0 to 9 keepers leaguesafe (1 Viewer)



100% payback after mfl league fee

1 team open --- normally $200 -- reduced to $100 

League has been around for 12 years 

(zero to 9 keepers)

draft pick slots move up every year they are kept 

FA's picked up during the year are treated as round 10 draft picks 

Picks in round 1 and 2 CAN NOT be kept the following year

Picks in round 1 can only be from New rookies this year (and if selected can be kept for 4 total years ) -but otherwise you can only select from the Pool of round 1 and round 2 from the previous year

NFL style draft (no serpentine)

Easiest keeper league where you can go worst to first

DRAFTS no. 4 overall

Last number is the number of round slot that they would take in the draft if KEPT 

Goff, Jared LAR QB   10
Siemian, Trevor DEN QB  19
Winston, Jameis TBB QB    2
Abdullah, Ameer DET RB    3
Ervin, Tyler HOU RB 15
Langford, Jeremy CHI RB  12
Rainey, Bobby FA RB   10
Sims, Charles TBB RB   8
Brown, Antonio PIT WR   4
Grant, Ryan WAS WR   18
Green-Beckham, Dorial PHI WR   7
Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR    11
Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR    6
Shepard, Sterling NYG WR   4
Wheaton, Markus CHI WR (Q)    5
Ertz, Zach PHI TE    10
James, Jesse PIT TE   14
Novak, Nick HOU PK    10
Texans, Houston HOU Def   13

email me at joe AT Ziccarelli dot com for info

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