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14-Team H2H Points Contract League held on NFL.com in 9th Season / $40 entry fee w/ full payouts paid through league safe (1 Viewer)


This league is looking for 2 replacement owners. This league has been running for 8 straight years and is heading into its 9th and will not be stopping anytime soon. You will be taking over a team that has players on contracts / bonuses. The two teams have between 4-5 players that are on contracts / bonuses and you are also allowed to Franchise Tag a player that is currently not under contract or assigned a bonus. The Franchise Tag allows you to keep them for this year. If you are interested and would like to see the two available teams please email me at mjbnmr59755@gmail.com. Thanks!



Head to Head
14 Teams
2 Divisions
14 Regular Season Weeks (Week 1 – Week 14)
8 Playoff Teams, 3 Rounds (Week 15 – Week 17)

Draft Date: Sunday September 4th @ 6:30 pm EST.

Roster Size = 14
Active Roster = 8
Bench Roster = 6

Reserve = 1

Starting Lineup:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR, or TE)

Scoring Format:

Passing Yards: 1pt per every 25 yards

Passing TD’s: 4pts

Rushing Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Rushing TD’s: 6pts

Receptions: 1pt

Receiving Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Receiving TD’s: 6pts

Fumble Recovered for TD: 6pts

2-Point Conversions: 2pts

Fumbles Lost: -2pts


Entry Fee: $40
League Fees are paid through Leaguesafe.com

14 X 40 = $560

# 1 Seed = $40
# 2 Seed = $40
# 3 Seed = $20
# 4 Seed = $20
# 5 Seed = $10
# 6 Seed = $10
#7 Seed = $10

#8 Seed = $10

Advancement into 2nd round gets you $20.

Advancement into Final round gets you $40

League Champ = $220

Consolation Winner = $20

Playoff Bracket Note: When the playoffs conclude NFL.com puts out their official standings for the year. This end of year standings of the team's finishing order will most likely not be correct. When NFL.com puts together the final season's standings they take into consideration how teams finish in the loser's bracket once they have been eliminated in the playoffs. For example, a team looses in the first round of the playoffs (hence getting eliminated) but manages to win the rest of the games in the loser's bracket. NFL.com will rank this team as finishing 5th in the final season's standings. When deciding payouts I do not take into consideration the loser's bracket, once a team is eliminated from the playoffs their payouts stop there and that is where they finish. The tiebreaker for teams that get eliminated in each round goes by total points scored in that round meaning that the more points you score the higher ranked you will be and the later round draft pick you will have in the following year's draft.

How Contracts Work


A contract league is similar to a keeper league in that you are able to hold over players from your current season's roster to your team the following season or seasons. Each team is given a number of contracts that are assigned to players on their team. Once a contract on a player expires the player becomes a free agent and reenters the draft pool the following season.

The First Year

For the first season, each team is awarded two 3-year contracts and two 2-year contracts. A regular snake draft is used to stock each team's roster. Following the draft and prior to the beginning of the season, each owner awards their contracts to players on their team. The 2-year contracts allow the owner to keep the player for the following season and the 3-year contracts allows the owner to keep the player on the team for the next two seasons.

The Second Year

At the second season's draft, all contracted players are considered keepers and are eliminated from the draft pool. Each owner is given an additional two 3-year contracts that are given to newly drafted players. The draft is a snake draft and the order is determined by last season's standings (i.e. the champion drafts last). If a team has gained or lost contracts due to trades, they stop or continue drafting until they reach the roster limit.

The Third Year and Beyond

After the second season, players who were given 2-year contracts after the initial draft become free agents and return to the draft pool. The draft order is again a snake draft and in the opposite order of the previous season's standings. Each owner is given another pair of two 3-year contracts each season that are given to newly drafted players. Every season a new group of previously contracted players return to the draft pool.

How to Assign Contracts

At the beginning of every season you will have two 3-year contracts (which are required to be assigned) and any bonuses (which are optional to be assigned) such as "rookie bonus" and "franchise tag". To assign contracts you must post who you are assigning contracts to and/or bonuses in the message area which is located on the league homepage close to the bottom of the page. It is very important that you are completely sure when you post your contracts & bonuses because once you post them you CANNOT change your mind. The deadline to assign contracts to your players is before the first game of the NFL season. If you don't assign contracts before the deadline then contracts will automatically be assigned on your team for you. The default assignment of contracts goes by the first two players you drafted in that year's draft. For example, you drafted Andrew Luck & Calvin Johnson with your first two picks. Both players would automatically be given a 3-year deal.


As many fantasy football owners know, finding a trading partner and working out a trade that benefits both owners can be a truly difficult task. In a contract league, contracts travel with the player, so if a contracted player is traded to another team the contract goes with him. You are only allowed to trade players. You may not trade draft picks, contracts, or any bonuses. Please refer to the bonuses to get the full low down on how they work.

Special Rules / Bonuses:

The Franchise Tag: Each team is given a franchise tag that they can place on any player that allows the owner to keep a player on their roster until the tag is removed and placed on another player. The franchise tag can only be used to keep a player whose contract is expiring and is slated to become a free agent (reenter the draft) the following season. The franchise tag is nontransferable, so if a franchise tag is placed on a player, he cannot be traded at any time during that season but may be dropped. If you plan to use the franchise tag you must state it in the message area (located on the league homepage) before the first game of the NFL season. Also you cannot place a franchise tag on the same player in back to back years.

The Sleeper Keeper: This is a unique rule where you get rewarded for drafting or stashing potential breakout players. At the end of each season you are allowed to keep one player that was either drafted in or after the 13th round or picked up via free agency and designate him as your sleeper keeper. The sleeper keeper can only be kept for one season. If you choose to designate a sleeper keeper then you will be able to keep that player either in the round that he was drafted in or if picked up via free agency then the last round of the draft. The time-frame to set your sleeper keeper (if you are going to, it is not required) is from when the playoffs first kick off until the last game of the league championship. To assign a sleeper keeper you must post in the message area (located on the league homepage) that he is your sleeper keeper.

The Rookie Bonus: Drafting rookies is a risky proposition, as many require a season under their belt before they become legitimate NFL threats. With this rule it allows owners to take the gamble on rookies by giving any rookie, that is drafted, an extra year on their contract. For example, you drafted a rookie and don't give him a one of your 3-year contracts but by default he is given a 1-year deal. You now can turn that 1-year contract into essentially a 2-year deal for him. You may also assign a rookie bonus to a rookie that you pick up via free agency or trade for. If you either pick up a rookie via free agency or trade for one then, the claim and/or trade must be approved before the first game of the NFL season. You must also state in the message area (located on the homepage) that you are assigning the bonus to that player before the first of the NFL season. You are only allowed to do the bonus once per year and like I said it must be designated before the first game of the NFL season. If a player is dropped during the season the rookie bonus is dropped off the rookie.

Other Rules:

Waiver Budget: Instead of doing a waiver wire order, there is a $500 waiver wire budget that is used to acquire players during the season. This allows everyone to get a shot at acquiring the next NFL stud and potential sleeper keeper. The waiver budget is replenished every year and starts over at $500 every year.

Draft Order: To keep the league fair and balanced and to prevent owners from tanking, the draft order will work like this; the teams that made the playoffs are seeded 7-14 with the league champ drafting 14th. The remaining 6 teams that did not make the playoffs are randomized and then set 1-6. Tanking is not a strategy, we play to win!

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