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$150 | 12-team | Fantrax | PPR | TE Premium | Superflex | Draft 9/3 (1 Viewer)


Hey all! Currently, we are looking for managers to join a 12 team football dynasty startup this year. Buy in will be $150 each season through Fantrax treasurer with yearly payouts, prizes, and a rolling pot that's won whenever a team wins three championships! Startup draft is scheduled for September 3rd at 8:00PM EDT.
  • H2H points
  • TE Premium
  • 4 flex spots
  • PLUS superflex!
Looking for active managers all year long. Defensive scoring has been adjusted to start at 0 points and move positive during the game. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 4RWT, 1FLX, 1DST.

We also have a redraft league and a kickers only league that needs filling!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you're interested in joining. Thanks for reading!


is the redraft still open? is it ppr?
The redraft is still open. That is $100 and full PPR with TEP (1.5PPR). Setup the same as Dynasty, just redraft. Before we draft, we will determine if we want to change the roster makeup as a league.


Crunch time for drafts this weekend. If you're looking for fun and active owners, the links above will take you to the respective leagues!

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