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$150 Old Skool League - Snake - ESPN - Aug 29th 8 PM (1 Viewer)


Anyone want to join a good old fashioned NON-PPR league?!?!

Send message to meyerj31@gmail.com for invite.

ESPN settings:  (Standard 12-team non-PPR settings).





1st - $800

2nd - $500

3rd - $200

Most Points Regular Season - $300


Tired of having the best team and getting unlucky in the playoffs???  Playoffs are going to be TOTAL POINTS SCORED IN WEEKS 14-16.

1st/2nd seed get to count best two weeks from weeks 14-16.

3rd-6th seed count only weeks 15-16. 

Two best scores for each time added up determines the Championship.  

I wish you did FAAB for waiver wire... and since you are using total points for your playoffs I think you're trading deadline needs to be earlier ....also just my opinion if you would just add those I would get into it but I don't like the continual rolling for waiver because I like to stream defenses and kickers( sometimes even tight ends)... and I hate having to be at the end of the line because I do that that's a strategy... I even like each week the worst record gets first dibs keeps everybody involved just my opinion...jimmy


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