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$150 startup MFL superflex 2 copies/player 26 teams (1 Viewer)


26 team, 2 copies/player. $150 entry fee. 1st prize is $1,150. Regular season division winners get $250. $50 weekly prizes paid out each week. Similar to cap pigs structure. 14/26 teams confirmed - looking for 12 openings.

Auction, non proxy draft with 16 hour clock. 10 starters, no starting requirements (0-2 QB, 0-8 RB, 0-8 WR, 0-8 TE). TE premium (2 PPR), 0.5 RB PPR.

This will be a 2nd chance league for dispersal draft. See by laws for additional details.

Rules -  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wWlDulcQaOpQQw7oqAS9KeB-Qlmba8aFDQGV8yVZoog/edit?usp=sharing

Respond here or email me tjmclaugh12@gmail.com if interested


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