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16 Team Dynasty IDP Orphan Team Available - FILLED (1 Viewer)

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Papa Bear Memorial Dynasty League, in it's 15th year, is looking for a dedicated replacement owner to take over an orphaned franchise.  The current owner intends to leave at the end of the season but has offered to finish out the year, unless a suitable owner is found.  We preferred to start looking now to give the new owner the opportunity to craft the team to their liking prior to the trade deadline in week 12, if desired.

League details:

16 team, $55 yearly fee, PPR, IDP, 37 man roster plus 4 rookie-only taxi spots and 6 IR (in season)

League Homepage

League Constitution

Open Team's current roster

The open franchise only has a 2019 4th round pick and has already dealt their 2020 1st.  On the flip side, all of the franchise's 2019 league fee and $30 of 2020 has already been paid.  We charge a fee to trade 1st ($30), 2nd ($20), and 3rd ($10) round picks to go towards the league fee for that season.  So essentially, there are no league fees due until April of 2020 ($25).

We'd really like to avoid bringing in someone who is just looking to play for free and has no intention of staying beyond that.  Ideally, we're looking for someone looking to make a long term commitment to the team and the league and is willing to put in the work to make the team their own.

Very competitive league with a great bunch of guys.

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