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16 team NFL auction league needs 1 owner (1 Viewer)


16 team NFL auction league needs owners

Hi all

I am converting my league which I have run since 2001 to an auction draft from a traditional snake draft and from 12 to 16 teams. And I will be doing a true NFL format. This league is PPR and NO IDP.

I am filling the AFC first then will fill my NFC league and merge them both next year with the goal of the AFC winner meeting the NFC winner in the SB . If you are interested here is the link: Chumps AFL

The league fee is $55 ($50 + $5 for the MFL hosting fee)
The TENTATIVE payout breakdown is as follows:
Champ - 400
Runner up - 150
3rd place - 50
Division winner- 200 (50 x 4 divisions)

*Also it will be a keeper league this year but only for 1 player for 1 season. At the end of your season you decide your 1 keeper and his contract will count towards your auction salary cap the following season. You cannot keep the same player 2 consecutive years.*

there is 1 team left open:


If you are interested please email me at xianshino@yahoo.com

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