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16 Team Startup Dynasty with IDP looking for dedicated owners. (1 Viewer)


Brand new Dynasty IDP League.

16 Teams - 4 Divisions

4 Division winners advance to playoffs along with top 2 Wildcards

Toilet Bowl winner receives and additional 1st round pick in rookie draft

Rookie Draft around July 1st

Free Agent / Veteran Draft around August 1st

40 Roster Spots / 5 Taxi Spots / 5 IR Spots

$150 per year with %50 of year 2 fees being collected year 1.

5 year super payout builds up every 5th year for a huge jackpot. Should help with league retention.

LeagueSafe will be used to hold all funds.

Scoring: http://football14.my...ns?L=58903&O=09

Rules: http://football14.my...ns?L=58903&O=26

If interested contact me: JPTorok@gmail.com

I am very interested. I sent you an email. My email is wallace_1976@yahoo.com if there are still spots open.


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