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16 Team "Survivor" League - Outwit, Outplay, Outlast (1 Viewer)



Survivor rule:
There will be 1 division with all teams. Each week all of the teams will be ranked based on how many points you scored for that week. The lowest team gets eliminated. In week 15 we will have 2 teams left for the championship. But we don't stop there - weeks 11-14 we will also have payouts for high scoring individual player positions.

Snake style draft. 18 rounds.

Starting lineups:
1 QB
2-3 RB
2-4 WR
1-3 TE

We will NOT draft or start any kickers or defense.

HP - PPR (1.5 PPR for TE) - See scoring rules for details

There will be no trades allowed in this league.

Waivers will run through week 15. Any team can make waiver moves even if you are eliminated as we do payout in weeks 11-14 for all teams.

Blind bidding: 100 for off-season and regular season followed by first come first serve until Sunday kickoff of that week.

$35 per entry. leaguesafe.com

1st: 300
2nd: 150

Week 11: highest scoring qb - $10
Week 12: highest scoring rb - $10
Week 13: highest scoring wr - $10
Week 14: highest scoring te - $10

(-) mfl software fee

email ffncommish@gmail.com to join or ask any questions.

Cool idea. Might make sense if the payouts for weeks 11-14 were $35 each -- that way teams eliminated early might pay a little more attention for a shot to win their money back. Then maybe make it winner takes all that's left?

Anyway, pretty fun idea.

Is the decision for "elimination" based on points for that week or for total points since the start of the season?

Perhaps you could combine both. After each week, add the weekly scoring rank to the season scoring rank. Worst "total" is the team eliminated. If "total" is tied, tiebreaker is weekly rank.

Also, I don't see you address what happens when there is a tie for worst in a week. Who stays and who goes home?

Thanks NCFF - elimination is based on that week. Keeping it this way for now for a season and see how it all works out and may get into more details next year or with a second survivor league.

Thanks for the question on the tie-breaker. The owner who has the lowest season total points will get eliminated.

Its possible to just go by total season points and the lowest each week gets eliminated that would work as well and take some of the luck factor out.

3 spots still open - UP.


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