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16 Year Old Iranian Schoolgirl Is Beaten To Death For Refusing To Sing "Pro-Regime Anthem" (10/7/22 07:28 PST) (1 Viewer)


Direct Headline: Iranian women burn their hijabs as hundreds protest death of Mahsa Amini

By Jessie Yeung, Ramin Mostaghim, Jomana Karadsheh, Mostafa Salem and Jennifer Deaton, CNN September 21, 2022

The death last week of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested in Tehran by morality police – a dedicated unit that enforces strict dress codes for women, such as wearing the compulsory headscarf – has sparked an outpouring anger ...The protests are striking for their scale, ferocity and rare feminist nature; the last demonstrations of this size were three years ago....After starting Saturday at Amini’s funeral in Iran’s Kurdistan province, the demonstrations have swept much of the country, leading to clashes with security forces trying to quell them.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made no mention of the protests during a speech on Wednesday....the western city of Kermanshah said two people were killed during “riots” on Tuesday.... The official IRNA state news agency said a police “assistant” was killed and four others injured during protests in Shiraz....A 23-year-old in Urmia and a 16-year-old in Piranshahar were shot dead during protests on Tuesday...

....Thousands took to the streets Tuesday night, with videos of protests emerging from dozens of towns and cities – ranging from the capital Tehran to more traditionally conservative strongholds like Mashad. Footage shows some protesters chanting, “Women, life, freedom.” Others can be seen setting up bonfires, scuffling with police, or removing and burning their headscarves – as well as destroying posters of the country’s Supreme Leader and shouting, “Death to the dictator.”...Almost all the provincial towns in Iran’s Kurdish region, including Kermanshah and Hamedan, have seen demonstrations as well....Witnesses tell CNN that the Tuesday night demonstrations appeared to be “flash protests” – meaning groups form and disperse quickly, to avoid run-ins with Iran’s security forces after the escalating violence of the last week...

...Edited security camera footage released by Iran’s state media appeared to show Amini collapsing at a “re-education” center where she was taken to receive “guidance” on her attire. Iran’s morality police are part of the country’s law enforcement and are tasked with enforcing the strict social rules of the Islamic Republic, including its dress code that mandates women wear a headscarf, or hijab, in public....Iranian police say death of Mahsa Amini 'unfortunate' as protestors take to the streets....Abdolreza Pourzahabi, Khamenei’s representative in Iran’s Kurdish province, said the Supreme Leader “is sad” and that the family’s sorrow “is his sorrow too,” according to Nour....He added that he hopes the family shows “good will to help bring back calm in society.”

During a news conference, also on Monday, Greater Tehran Police Commander Hossein Rahimi denied “false accusations” against the Iranian police, saying they had “done everything” to keep Amini alive.,,,He added that Amini had not been harmed physically during or after she was taken into custody, and called her death “unfortunate.” In the wake of Amini’s death, internet monitoring website Netblocks has documented internet outages since Friday – a tactic Iran has previously used to prevent the spread of protests....


Direct Headline: Iran denies security forces killed 16-year-old, says she fell off roof

Tom Perry / Reuters October 7, 2022 9:06 AM

Iranian authorities have denied reports security forces killed a 16-year-old girl during protests ... Iranian media reported on Friday, saying she committed suicide by falling off a roof.....Social media reports and rights group Amnesty International have said Sarina Esmaeilzadeh was killed by security forces when she was struck with batons on the head during protests over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in morality police custody....Authorities earlier this week gave a similar cause of death - falling off a roof - for 17-year-old Nika Shakarami, who activists say was killed in Tehran while demonstrating over Amini's death....Rights groups say more than 150 people have been killed, hundreds have been injured and thousands arrested in a crackdown on nationwide protests marking the biggest challenge to Iran's clerical leadership in years. Women have played a prominent role, waving and burning headscarves. High school girls have also taken part....

The chief justice of Alborz province where Esmaeilzadeh died said a preliminary investigation showed her death was caused by suicide from a fall from the roof of a five-story building, the semi-official ISNA news agency said....Chief justice Hossein Fazeli Herikandi said claims in opposition media about her death were "lies". Amnesty International, in a Sept. 30 report, said she was one of at least 52 people killed by security forces between Sept. 19 and Sept. 25...

Amini was arrested on Sept. 13 in Tehran for "inappropriate attire". The authorities have said she suffered a heart attack after being taken to a station to be "educated". Her family have denied she had any heart problems. Her father has said she had bruises on her legs, and holds police responsible for her death...Earlier this week, state media said a judicial case had been opened into Shakarami's death, citing officials claiming it had nothing to do with the unrest, and that she had fallen off a roof and her body contained no bullet wounds. Activists have said she was killed in Tehran while demonstrating....

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Direct Headline: Iran: At least 82 Baluchi protesters and bystanders killed in bloody crackdown

Amnesty International October 6, 2022

Iranian security forces unlawfully killed at least 66 people, including children, and injured hundreds of others after firing live ammunition, metal pellets and teargas at protesters, bystanders and worshippers during a violent crackdown after Friday prayers on 30 September in Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan province, Amnesty International said today. Since then, another 16 people were killed in separate incidents in Zahedan amid an ongoing clampdown on protests. Evidence gathered from activists, victims’ families, eyewitness testimonies, and images and videos of the protests suggest the real death toll from Zahedan is likely to be higher....Widely referred to by Iranians as “bloody Friday”, the onslaught on 30 September marked the deadliest day on record since protests started spreading across Iran nearly three weeks ago, after Mahsa Amini died in custody following her arrest by Iran’s “morality” police....

...“It is particularly abhorrent that nearly three years after the November 2019 protests, in which hundreds of people were unlawfully killed, the Iranian authorities have shamelessly continued their ruthless assault on human life. T...”. ....Protests in Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan province, populated by the long-oppressed Baluchi ethnic minority, were scheduled to take place after Friday prayers on 30 September as a show of solidarity with nationwide protests and to demand accountability for the reported rape of a 15-year-old girl by a police commander in the province....

...On 30 September, as a group of people finished praying in the Great Mosalla of Zahedan... and gathered outside the police station across the road to protest and chant, security forces fired live ammunition, metal pellets and tear gas at them from the police station rooftop....Simultaneously, plain-clothed security forces fired at protesters and bystanders from the rooftops of several nearby houses, as corroborated by photographs shared by activists. Security forces also unlawfully fired live ammunition, metal pellets and teargas directly into the vicinity of the Mosalla, where hundreds of people, including children and older people, were still performing Friday prayers. Amnesty International has documented an alarming escalation in the use of force and firearms since 21 September, when the country’s top military body issued an order to commanders in all provinces instructing them to “severely confront troublemakers and anti-revolutionaries”. ...Evidence gathered by Amnesty International shows that the majority of victims were shot in the head, heart, neck and torso, revealing a clear intent to kill or seriously harm....

Those killed include at least three children, two of whom were killed during the Mosalla incident on 30 September and another who was killed in a separate incident the same day. The organization is investigating reports of at least another four children killed in Zahedan since 30 September. The organization has spoken to the families of 21 victims killed in Zahedan....

...Propaganda videos broadcast on state media after 30 September have shown detainees, whom authorities allege were involved in armed attacks against security forces in Zahedan, with sacks over their heads. One video shows a detainee being asked leading questions by a TV presenter and being forced to make self-incriminating statements without a lawyer present over his alleged involvement in shootings on 30 September. Given the Iranian authorities’ well-documented patterns of producing and broadcasting coerced statements from detainees to cover-up human rights violations, Amnesty International is concerned that such statements have been extracted under duress...Evidence also reveals that many victims killed during the incident at the Mosalla were shot in the back of their heads or torso, indicating that they were facing away from the security forces and posed no imminent threat to life or serious injury....

Direct Headline: The West Must Face Reality: Iran's Nuclear Program Can't Be Stopped

The West is insisting on reviving a nuclear pact with Iran. However, this will only postpone the inevitable moment when the regime declares it has a nuclear bomb. The only solution is regime change.

Hamed Mohammadi September 19, 2022

....Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN's nuclear inspectorate, declared on Sept. 7 that Iran already had more than enough uranium for an atomic bomb. He said the IAEA could no longer confirm that the Islamic Republic has a strictly peaceful nuclear program as it has always claimed because the agency could not properly inspect sites inside Iran....For 20 years now, the Islamic Republic's dogged pursuit of nuclear power and its showdown with the West over this and other issues have been so costly and harmful to Iranian national interests as to even prompt regime sympathizers to speak up. Some are asking, belatedly perhaps, why the country even needs a peaceful nuclear program when it is bathed in sunshine 300 days a year. Why has the state spent billions of dollars to generate power in the Bushehr atomic plant (on the Persian Gulf), when it generates less than 2% of all electricity made in Iran....The power plant has had a drop in production for the fourth year running and is generating debt instead. Yet Iranian officials say they want to build more nuclear power plants. The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Muhammad Islami, has claimed the country had no "problems funding" their construction, when the state can barely pay the Russians (for their fuel) in Bushehr and has had to pay through oil and gas swaps....

...Iranian officials insist this nuclear program will bring advances in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. It is difficult to believe the claims when the regime's overall conduct barely indicates concern for healthcare or a flourishing farming sector. Besides, none of these require uranium enrichment to be hiked to 60% and 90% levels. The country's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, once issued a religious edict forbidding nuclear weapons, which Iranian officials keep citing as proof that Iran is not after the bomb.... One prominent former MP, Ali Mottahari, has ventured to say that from the very start of this program, "our intention was to build a bomb."

...Those who defend the bomb are precisely the regime's most repressive elements. One of them is the Guards veteran and current parliamentarian Ismail Kowsari, who has been active in the past in suppressing street protests. He recently said "we can turn the 60% enrichment into 93% enrichment, which means a nuclear bomb." Another one is Amir'ali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace division and suspected to have ordered a passenger plane shot down in Tehran in 2020. His unit is developing long-range missiles able to deliver nuclear warheads....Some observers say there is no real cause for alarm, as the regime would or could not ultimately use a nuclear weapon. They seem to forget that those pushing for a bomb in Iran are the same ones who crush protests and have brought regional countries to a state of ruin....

...The people running the nuclear program have no qualms about sending Iranians to their deaths. In fact, they call it martyrdom. The only solution is regime change...Western leaders know that another pact with this regime can only slow down its nuclear progression. With their unyielding devotion to diplomatic talks and economic sanctions, they are merely pushing the showdown with the Islamic Republic down the road. ...Israel's former prime minister, Ehud Barak, has written in Time magazine that it is too late to stop the Iranian regime's nuclear program. The only solution now, he says, is regime change.....



Many of the posters on FBG forums are old enough to have daughters in the age ranges of Mahsa Amini (22), Sarina Esmaeilzadeh (16) , and Nika Shakarami (17)

Amini was taken in a snatch and grab for "reeducation" by the Iranian "Morality Police". It was claimed she died of a "heart attack" while in custody. Esmaeilzadeh and Shakarami were young teenage protesters who were said by state officials to have "committed suicide" by jumping off of 5 story or greater buildings. The deaths are called "unfortunate" over and over again by bad faith corrupt state officials in their local mainstream media outlets. In order to shut down further dissent, surviving family members are arrested, then forced to capitulate to the "proper narrative" Sometimes while on their knees and bags over their head. The ensuing endless protests are met with opening fire on civilians who are protesting, and includes shooting those in the background who are not, including murdering children as "collateral damage" And of course, there are just plain open executions. People who are put on their knees and shot in the back of the head. All while doing everything possible to shut down the rest of the world from learning of it, including trying to shut down social media and internet access.

Based on my extensive media optics career and understanding of the region accordingly, what the MSM won't talk about is that these "Morality Police" target young women that the local power brokers find attractive. Particularly if their advances are rebuffed, the girls are often taken in snatch and grabs and then raped. Sometimes released after being fully gang raped. But in the cases of these three women, instead escalated into being beaten to death in the case of Amini and beaten then thrown off of roof tops for the latter two victims. But the best "excuse" to wash away the accusations of this horrific violence is that "There are no bullet wounds" See everyone, since there are no bullet wounds, clearly these teenage girls were simply suicidal and were not selectively targeted, gang raped, beaten then murdered in cold blood....

This is a country where many of the major state players include terrorists. That commit acts of terrorism like shooting down passenger planes. And they want to become a nuclear power. They are on their way to quickly developing their own nuclear weapons.

How many of you with daughters want to see young girls, about the age of your own children, being snatched and grabbed, gang raped, beaten, then thrown off rooftops, only to be told that these horrific brutal tragedies and crimes are just "unfortunate"?

And what do some of you think will happen if Iran gets nuclear weapons? Where the power brokers enabling that in their government are the same that enforce the pathway of total oppression, executions, rape and torture that you are seeing in these current internal conflicts.

As a full nuclear power, do you believe Iran will show your daughters any more mercy? Or less?

As a matter of American national security, Iran's nuclear program must be stopped at all costs. The current regime is being led by terrorists, either directly or implicitly. Right now they are killing their own daughters. They won't hesitate to kill America's daughters. They won't hesitate to kill your daughters. And if the worst vile criminal state actors there could get away with it, what would they do to violate your daughters first beforehand?

Never attempt to apply "Western Solutions" based on "Western Values" to the broader geopolitical context when dealing with Non-Western based threats to our own national security. It's a mistake many Americans make. And it's a mistake that will cost our nation it's daughters if that does not change.

I'll leave this here for others to discuss.
Direct Headline: Iran: Leaked documents reveal top-level orders to armed forces to ‘mercilessly confront’ protesters

Amnesty International September 30, 2022

Iran’s highest military body instructed the commanders of armed forces in all provinces to “severely confront” protesters who took to the streets following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran’s morality police....the Iranian authorities’ plot to brutally crush the demonstrations by deploying the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij paramilitary force, the Law Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, riot police, and plainclothes security agents.....e widespread use of lethal force and firearms by Iranian security forces who either intended to kill protesters or should have known with a reasonable degree of certainty that their use of firearms would result in deaths....

....on 21 September 2022, the General Headquarters of Armed Forces issued an order to commanders in all provinces instructing them to “severely confront troublemakers and anti-revolutionaries”. Later that evening, the use of lethal force across the country escalated with dozens of men, women and children killed that night alone....on 23 September, the commander of the armed forces in Mazandaran province ordered security forces in all towns and cities in the province to “confront mercilessly, going as far as causing deaths, any unrest by rioters and anti-Revolutionaries”.

....In an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for the deaths, the Iranian authorities have shared false narratives about victims, attempting to portray them as “dangerous”, “violent individuals” or claiming that they had been killed by “rioters”. The authorities have been also intimidating and harassing victims’ families into silence or promising them financial compensation if they recorded videos attributing responsibility of their loved ones’ deaths to “rioters” working for “enemies” of the Islamic Republic of Iran....


Direct Headline: Iran protests: Nika Shakarami's mother says her daughter was murdered

BBC UK 10/7/22

The mother of a teenage girl who died during protests in Iran has accused authorities of murdering her daughter....In a video sent to US-funded Radio Farda, Nasrin Shakarami said she had seen injuries on her daughter's body which contradict an official statement....Authorities say Nika Shakarami, 16, appears to have been thrown from a building...The police denied that she was mistreated and said she suffered a heart attack....

...Nasrin Shakarami said Nika's aunt, who made a statement on TV on Wednesday in which she said her niece "was killed falling from a building" had been "forced... to make these confessions"....The authorities "have called others, my uncles, others, saying that if Nika's mother does not come forward and say the things we want, basically confess to the scenario that we want and have created, then we will do this and that, and threatened me," Nasrin said....Nika's uncle was also seen on TV speaking against the unrest, as a voice belonging to someone off-screen was picked up apparently whispering to him: "Say it, you scumbag!"

...."I saw my daughter's body myself... the back of her head showed she had suffered a very severe blow as her skull had caved in. That's how she was killed."....Nika Shakarami's family say they located her body at the mortuary of a detention centre 10 days after she went missing, and that security forces stole it and buried her secretly.



A large factor here is the Iranian government and military cannot control the speed of information and the kind of coordination and "crowdsourcing" that has taken a life of it's own.

There are many parents here, imagine having to see your child, laying on a cold table, with her head caved in, be told she died in some other politically expedient "narrative", have your entire family threatened, then find out the body was taken by force from it's grave to further hide the evidence. And that when the dust settles from the international daily media cycle, odds are you will be dragged somewhere and finally be executed too. Consider that the targets are often young women because they are typically gang raped before they are murdered.

This SHOULD be the most impactful political discussion point, outside of Ukraine, nearly everywhere around the world right now, but it's not.

The speed of information and it's total impact is the reason why for so many generations, authoritarian regimes have lined up school teachers and journalists and executed them whole sale, to keep the people in the dark, keep them ignorant/uninformed and silence them.

I will continue to support this thread long term. Americans and Westerners too often have a myopic view of what constitutes real tragedy in the scope of the entire world.

You can't stop the signal.
Direct Headline: ‘Bloody Friday’: Witnesses describe the deadliest crackdown in Iran protests

By Babak Dehghanpisheh October 14, 2022

The shooting started in Zahedan before Friday prayers had ended....Thousands of worshipers had gathered on Sept. 30 in the Great Mosalla of Zahedan, a large open-air space in the southeastern Iranian city, when a handful of young men broke away and began chanting slogans at a nearby police station. One man, 28, said his 18-year-old brother was among them. He spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals....The young man followed his brother, pushing his way through the crowd, and stumbled on a shocking scene: Police and plainclothes security agents were firing at the protesters from the rooftop of the police station and other buildings. Security forces also began firing into the Mosalla, where people were still praying.....

....What happened that day — already known in Iran as “Bloody Friday” — is by far the deadliest government crackdown against protesters since demonstrations began sweeping the country nearly a month ago. Internet service has been cut or severely disrupted in the region over the past two weeks, along with the cellular network, making it difficult to piece together how the violence unfolded....“[Our friend] was shot twice in the back, only two or three meters away from me...One of the bullets hit near his heart. He was martyred right there.....”

“From the evidence we’ve gathered, what happened at Mosalla was a massacre,” said Mansoureh Mills, an Iran researcher at Amnesty International, which has counted at least 66 people killed that afternoon. Other human rights groups put the death toll even higher....

....A 60-year-old man who lives in the Shirabad neighborhood in north Zahedan received news that his 25-year-old son had been fatally shot, and that his body was at the mosque. The man made his way there with great difficulty, asking others to help carry his son’s body home....“When we wanted to take my son’s body out, two people were shot in front of me right at the door of the Makki Mosque. One was shot in the head and the other was shot in the chest,” the father said in a telephone interview from Zahedan, sharing his story on the condition of anonymity. “We waited until sunset before we could leave.....”


Direct Headline: BBC identifies young people killed in Iran’s protests

BBC 10/14/22

....Iran's Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) estimates 222 people have been killed in or after the widespread demonstrations sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, 22, detained for allegedly breaking rules on headscarves....Information is heavily restricted in Iran. The internet is censored, regularly slowed down and even stopped. Journalists face prosecution for reporting facts that oppose the government view....According to the International Federation of Journalists, 24 reporters have been arrested since the demonstrations began....

....A number of children were killed on 30 September in Sistan Baluchistan province in the south-east, home to many people from the Baluch ethnic group....Schoolboy Mohammad Rakhshani, 12, the youngest pupil verified by BBC News, was killed that day. Omid Sarani, 13, Sodeys Keshani and Ali Barahooei, both 14, and Samer Hashemzehi, 16, also died....Elsewhere, schoolboy Amirhossein Basati, 15, was killed in Kermanshah province, north-west Iran, and Zakaria Khial and Amin Marefat, both 16, died in West Azerbaijan, north-west Iran.....



While most of the world's attention is on Ukraine and Putin/Russia, what's boiling off in Iran can easily spin into a much more dangerous open national security crisis for the United States.

It's easy for Americans to become myopic about our "First World Problems" I'm not making light of the suffering of actual Americans, but there is a deeper context once a global perspective is put into place.

There are 'fights for freedom' and then there are "FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM"

There is a difference. This is a moment for all Americans to reflect with gratitude for the blessings we do have. Certainly our country is not perfect. But nearly all Americans inherited the freedoms they take for granted. Other people around the world, including children, are willing to die to have just a sliver for what we typically see as routine and dismissed.
Direct Headline: Iranian schoolgirl ‘beaten to death for refusing to sing’ pro-regime anthem

Deepa Parent and Annie Kelly 18 Oct 2022

Fresh protests ignited around Iran by 16-year-old Asra Panahi’s death after schoolgirls assaulted in raid on high school in Ardabil.... Another schoolgirl has reportedly been killed by the Iranian security services after she was beaten in her classroom for refusing to sing a pro-regime song when her school was raided last week, sparking further protests across the country this weekend....16-year-old Asra Panahi died after security forces raided the Shahed girls high school in Ardabil on 13 October and demanded a group of girls sing an anthem that praises Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.....

When they refused, security forces beat the pupils, leading to a number of girls being taken to hospital and others arrested. On Friday, Panahi reportedly died in hospital of injuries sustained at the school....Schoolgirls have emerged as a powerful force after videos went viral of classrooms of pupils waving their hijabs in the air, taking down pictures of Iran’s supreme leaders and shouting anti-regime slogans in support of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old woman who died after being detained by Iran’s morality police for not wearing her hijab correctly in August.....

....The Iranian authorities responded by launching a series of raids on schools across the country last week, with reports of officers forcing their way into classrooms, violently arresting schoolgirls and pushing them into waiting cars, and firing teargas into school buildings.....Among them was 16-year-old Naznin*, whose parents had kept her at home for fear that she would be arrested for protesting at her school.....“I haven’t been allowed to go to the school because my parents fear for my life. But what has it changed? The regime continues to kill and arrest schoolgirls....What good am I if I simply sit outraged at home? Myself and fellow students across Iran have decided to stand in protest on the streets this week. I’ll do it even if I have to now hide it from my parents.....”

.....“It’s not just Asra’s death,” she says. “The Islamic Republic has been killing our people for 40 years, but our voices weren’t heard. Let the world know this is no longer a protest – we are calling for a revolution. Now that you’re all listening to our voices, we will not stop....”



Iran's current government HQ are ordering sustained coordinated assaults on teenage school girls. They want to crack down on the younger generations because those are the "digital natives" whom can keep pushing the constant current flow of information and avoid state suppression against all localized media outlets.

Now imagine if Iran has a nuclear weapon. Now visualize that nuclear weapon pointed at America. Now ask yourself if you can accept this "new normal" if that nuke is aimed at your city, where you and your children live.

If they are wiling to beat 16 year old girls to death, their own people no less, how much mercy will they show your daughters if given the chance?
It's not much a surprise when in Iran religious apostasy carries a death sentence that civil apostasy would carry the same punishment.
Good job GG for bringing this to the attention of the PSF. I'm not always down with your prescriptions, but these kinds of actions need to see the light of day that we may be aware of them.
Could this be the thread where both conservatives and liberals unequivocally agree on something? You really have to feel for the oppressed people of the world, most of whom just want to have a few laughs and spend time with friends and family. To live in constant fear is a horrible thing.
Could this be the thread where both conservatives and liberals unequivocally agree on something? You really have to feel for the oppressed people of the world, most of whom just want to have a few laughs and spend time with friends and family. To live in constant fear is a horrible thing.
Definitely not. There are about 1 billion women who live under the Islamic religion and/or under an Islamic theocracy, like Iran. To a small or large extent these women live in an oppressed state due to the life constraints that the structure of this religion places upon them. Liberals love Islam - it's a mind boggling state of mind.
Could this be the thread where both conservatives and liberals unequivocally agree on something? You really have to feel for the oppressed people of the world, most of whom just want to have a few laughs and spend time with friends and family. To live in constant fear is a horrible thing.
Definitely not. There are about 1 billion women who live under the Islamic religion and/or under an Islamic theocracy, like Iran. To a small or large extent these women live in an oppressed state due to the life constraints that the structure of this religion places upon them. Liberals love Islam - it's a mind boggling state of mind.
We do? Personally I'm not a big fan of any religion, especially when they are coupled with government.
Could this be the thread where both conservatives and liberals unequivocally agree on something? You really have to feel for the oppressed people of the world, most of whom just want to have a few laughs and spend time with friends and family. To live in constant fear is a horrible thing.
Liberals love Islam - it's a mind boggling state of mind.
What does this even mean? It is even possible for you to not make bitter, non-sensical statements about THE LEFT? Good god this forum blows.
Good thread GG. Thank you for the information. Certainly an important topic we should all be plugged into.
Could this be the thread where both conservatives and liberals unequivocally agree on something? You really have to feel for the oppressed people of the world, most of whom just want to have a few laughs and spend time with friends and family. To live in constant fear is a horrible thing.
Definitely not. There are about 1 billion women who live under the Islamic religion and/or under an Islamic theocracy, like Iran. To a small or large extent these women live in an oppressed state due to the life constraints that the structure of this religion places upon them. Liberals love Islam - it's a mind boggling state of mind.
I agree that liberals have too often turned a blind eye to oppressive Islamic governments such as Iran. To say that liberals love Islam is categorically false. Liberals often love diversity and accepting Muslims is generally part of that diversity.

I think it is also important to separate Muslims from their tyrannical governments. I think that everyone can support these women standing up for their rights against their government regardless of their religion.
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Direct Headline: Schoolboy protester dies in Iran after reportedly being shot at close range

Weronika Strzyżyńska 20 Oct 2022

A 17-year-old schoolboy has died in Iran’s second largest city, Mashhad, after reportedly being shot at close range by state forces during anti-government protests.... Abolfazl’s father, in emotional video footage of the boy’s funeral posted on social media, said: “What crime had he committed....?"....The 17-year-old reportedly joined the demonstration on 8 October to protest against the death of Amini, and against corruption. A day after the protest, Abolfazl’s parents were phoned to pick up their son from the police station. When they arrived, they found he was dead....

....Iranian security was present at the teenager’s funeral, and some mourners were asked to delete videos of the ceremony from their phones. His parents were put under pressure to claim that the boy was a member of the Basij, an Iranian militia, to imply he was killed by protesters.

Ravina Shamdasani, a spokesperson for the UN high commissioner for human rights.... “Some sources suggest that as many as 23 children have been killed and many others injured in at least seven provinces by live ammunition, metal pellets at close range, and fatal beatings. A number of schools have also been raided, and children arrested by security forces....On 11 October, the minister of education confirmed that an unspecified number of children had been sent to ‘psychological centres’ after they were arrested allegedly for participating in anti-state protests......”


Direct Headline: U.S. says Iranian troops "directly engaged" in Crimea, backing Russian drone strikes

CBS News / Associated Press October 20, 2022

....The White House said Thursday that the U.S. has evidence that Iranian troops are "directly engaged on the ground" in Crimea supporting Russian drone attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure and civilian population....National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Iran has sent a "relatively small number" of personnel to Crimea, a part of Ukraine unilaterally annexed by Russia in contravention of international law in 2014, to assist Russian troops in launching Iranian-made drones against Ukraine....Members of a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were dispatched to assist Russian forces on how to use the drones....

....U.S. officials believe that Iran may have deployed military personnel to assist the Russians in part because of the Russian's lack of familiarity with the Iran-made drones. Declassified U.S. intelligence findings showed that Russians faced technical problems with the Iranian drones soon after taking delivery of the weapons in August.

.... subsequent unrest have come as the administration tries to bring Iran back into compliance with the nuclear deal ...But Kirby said that the administration has little hope for reviving the Iran nuclear deal soon....



The main reason for the killing of children and teenagers is they are the most capable "threats" of taking video, then running for safety, and then uploading it.

Iran's intelligency apparatus, MOIS, understands that even just one viral video can reshape their entire short term foreign policy outlook if something indefensible erupts in the international daily media cycle.

Now Iran is fully engaged in the current "proxy war" in Ukraine. It's Iranian suicide drones being used to target Ukrainian civilian targets.

Here's the problem. To prevent the full and total damage of a media optics "red ball" that would turn the entire international community against them, the most efficient way to stem specific information flow would be to use targeted chemical weapons packages on their own population.

I'm giving a pure Tier 1 media optics evaluation. If hard video of the murder, torture and likely repeated gang rape of Mahsa Amini existed, MOIS would find the most effective way to silence anyone suspected of having such damning material would be to track down a likely wide grid pattern and then gas it.

Iran is rolling suicide drones off it's assembly lines in bulk. They also are pushing for their own nukes. Their current government apparatus has no problem slaughtering their own children.

John Kirby is wrong. The State Department is wrong. There is no diplomacy here to be had. Major elements in Iran's current power structure wants all of America dead.
Direct Headline: Hackers to release Iranian nuclear program material if Tehran does not free political prisoners

Daniel Stewart 10/22/22

The Black Reward hacking group has claimed to have infiltrated the archives of Iran's Atomic Energy Production and Development Company (NPPD) and announced that they will release sensitive information about the Islamic republic's nuclear program on Sunday if the authorities in Tehran do not release all political prisoners and detainees in the wave of protests over the death in custody of young Mahsa Amini.

....."Black Reward" announced over the weekend that it had successfully hacked the internal email system of Iran’s Nuclear Power Production and Development Company and that it was releasing 50GB of files to the web...."We will publish the download links respectively in the next few hours after uploading the information in the online file sharing service anonymously "namely anonfiles," the group wrote on their Instagram channel....The files include "Raw version and backups related to Iran Atomic Energy Production and Development Company," "Version cleaned and visible in the browser along with about 100 thousand email messages" and "separated and sorted version of documents and information."

If the authorities do not release the prisoners, the group announces that it will disclose information on the "careless nuclear project of the mullahs' regime". Iranian officials, they add, "are well aware of the impact that the disclosure of this hacked data will have...."....

The Iranian authorities have not yet commented on this ultimatum or confirmed any computer operation against the company's archives.



Direct Headline: Over 40 Journalists Detained In Iran For Covering Anti-Hijab Protests

Sahara Reporters New York October 21, 2022

....Forty-one journalists have been confirmed detained by Iran since protests broke out last month over the death of a woman in the custody of the country's morality police..... Most are accused of taking part in the protests they were covering....But CPJ and other journalists' rights organizations remain concerned for those behind bars, including journalists detained in Tehran’s Evin Prison....Four journalists believed to be held in Evin are still unaccounted for after a fire at the facility on Saturday, according to the International Federation of Journalists.....

...“We are very concerned about the fate of our colleagues in Evin and remind the Iranian authorities that they are responsible for the lives of journalists in prison,” IFJ general secretary Anthony Bellanger said in a statement....CFWIJ has confirmed at least 20 cases of female journalists being detained across Iran since the protests broke out....



If world wide hacker groups ( guess how many are funded?....) start releasing internal emails, this could trigger direct action by intelligence agencies all over the world. Which is why "journalists" are being taken in snatch and grabs. Some are legitimate journalists. Some are under contract to various intelligence services all over the world. This is how the game is played. But the women taken will be raped and likely gang raped at this point.

This situation has boiled over to the point where it has become politically expedient to start taking hostages. Those with American citizenship in nearby regions should evacuate.

The NPPD will have to start assessing who to make the public scapegoat from their internal ranks. Which is the entire point of this. This is from the classic MI5 playbook.

This might be the first time in modern history where retail grade drones will be used widespread as splash damage ordinance via asymmetrical warfare tactics. Though it remains to be seen long term.
Direct Headline: Iran agrees to ship missiles, more drones to Russia

Reuters October 18, 2022

...Iran has promised to provide Russia with surface to surface missiles, in addition to more drones, two senior Iranian officials and two Iranian diplomats told Reuters, a move that is likely to infuriate the United States and other Western powers....A deal was agreed on Oct. 6 when Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, two senior officials from Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards and an official from the Supreme National Security Council visited Moscow for talks with Russia about the delivery of the weapons....

"The Russians had asked for more drones and those Iranian ballistic missiles with improved accuracy, particularly the Fateh and Zolfaghar missiles family," said one of the Iranian diplomats, who was briefed about the trip....A Western official briefed on the matter confirmed it, saying there was an agreement in place between Iran and Russia to provide surface-to-surface short range ballistic missiles....

One of the drones Iran agreed to supply is the Shahed-136, a delta-winged weapon used as a "kamikaze" air-to-surface attack aircraft. It carries a small warhead that explodes on impact...Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar are Iranian short-range surface to surface ballistic missiles capable of striking targets at distances of between 300 km and 700 km (186 and 435 miles)...The Iranian diplomat rejected assertions by Western officials that such transfers breach a 2015 U.N. Security Council resolution...."Where they are being used is not the seller's issue. We do not take sides in the Ukraine crisis like the West. We want an end to the crisis through diplomatic means," the diplomat said....

...Chafing under Western economic sanctions, Iran's rulers are keen to strengthen strategic ties to Russia against an emerging, U.S.-backed Gulf Arab-Israeli bloc that could shift the Middle East balance of power further away from the Islamic Republic....The stakes are high for Iran, which has been negotiating with Western states to revive a 2015 deal that would ease sanctions on Tehran in return for limits on its nuclear work....


Direct Headline: Mobilised Russians to wear Iranian-made bulletproof vests and helmets

Pravda 24 October 2022

The Russian government is unable to provide the new wave of conscripts with sufficient Russian-made ammunition, so it has started using equipment manufactured in Iran....Quote: "Due to its inability to provide the new wave of conscripts with the necessary ammunition of its own production, the Russian Federation is starting to use Iranian-made equipment. 3,000 pieces of body armour are shortly to be transferred - 1,500 bulletproof vests and 1,500 helmets manufactured by Milad...."

....Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence notes that the Iranian government is also planning to send a new group of advisors to Russia to help train Russian soldiers in the combat use of new Arash-2 UAVs, as well as Iranian surface-to-surface missiles. Deliveries of these are set to start in the near future. ... The New York Times previously reported that Iran had sent instructors to occupied Crimea to help the Russians overcome problems with a fleet of drones they had purchased from Tehran....



Let's take a tally here

- Iran is on the cusp of developing their own nuclear weapon arsenal

- The current high ranks of Iran's power structure are either known terrorists or deeply associated with known terrorist organizations

- The top official in charge of Iran's internal "missile delivery system" program is a known terrorist who has previously shot down a civilian passenger airliner. What do you think he's going to do with those missiles once Iran has nukes?

- The current core Iranian government supports the gang rape, beating and murder of their own children, particularly teenage girls. Anyone with a cell phone or a camera who can record the atrocities are shot down, this impacts mostly young people in Iran. This is happening with widespread attempts to silence all media and journalists are being imprisoned right now

- There is an open concerted effort to arm Putin/Russia with suicide drones, infantry equipment and surface to surface missiles, to start, in a proxy war against the United States over the utter catastrophic madness in Ukraine.

What's left to measure here? The current power base in Iran wants a stand up fight with America. If they become a nuclear power, odds are they will seek to kill us all. Every last one of us. All of our children. They aren't hesitating to rape, torture, imprison and murder their own children. And they are magically going to have mercy on ours?

I say give it to them. If Iran wants a fight, then give them a fight.

Something Colin Powell said during Operation Desert Storm was that the average American citizen really didn't understand the full capabilities of the combined arms of the United States Armed Forces. That America could literally pound another country into dust if it wanted to do so. So OK, maybe it's time to hammer Iran and show them the neighborhood actually has a bigger bully on the block.

I'm not going to pretend the US government, current and over time, is some perfect altruistic foreign policy savior sitting in some Ivory White Tower of goodness and light. Our government has sown death and suffering around the world for our policies. But it's either "Us Or Them" now. I choose "Us"

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