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1968 ROY Rehash..... (1 Viewer)

Doctor Detroit

Please remove your headgear
I interviewed Jerry Koosman along with Darrell Evans and Jesse Barfield when I was an overseas broadcaster. Need to find that. 

I’ll say this, I bet Jerry has a Trump bumper sticker. Nttatwwt 



Koosman had the better year by modern analytical methods.  Winning 19 games for a 73 win team is pretty impressive, even if it happened during the year of the pitcher.

Bench played for a better team and was a hyped candidate.  He had appeared on a SI cover before the season.

Both Bench were deserving RoY candidates.  Some years you get more than one while others have zero.


Don Quixote

I can't help but focus on how Del Unser got first place votes in the AL ROY voting, despite hitting .230 with 1 HR.  


Chemical X

Chat MVP
koosman’s stats were virtually identical to bahnsen.  interesting also that koosman finished ahead of bench in MVP voting.


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